4 Healthy Ways of Processing Cassava and Cassava

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Boiling is the easiest, fastest and safest way of cooking for health. Brewing food by boiling technique is cooking by inserting the processed food into a pan of boiling liquid. This method makes cassava and sweet potatoes fast.

Another advantage of the boiling process is that this process supports fast-absorbing food ingredients. If you want to make cassava garlic, boiling it by adding garlic chopped in boiled water, when cassava is half cooked, salt pour as much as 1 teaspoon.


Boiling Tips:

Before boiling, wash cassava and sweet potatoes. Choose the covered pot that best suits the size and shape of the food, so as to minimize the amount of fluid used. Prefent the liquid used to boil, then enter the ingredients. This is so that the color and nutrients of food is not broken and quickly cooked. If before boiling water of food has been entered, cooking water will be longer hot. Because the pan should accommodate two ingredients: liquid and solid materials. Vitamin proteins, and all kinds of nutrients contained can also run to the water. Use enough fluids, provided the food............ Steem power.... Please...

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