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RE: Behind Steemit #15 - Money out of Steemit

in #steemit5 years ago

i wonder if the truth matters to people.

Regardless it matters to me. I'll always back these things to the extent i can....and greatly appreciate what you are doing to help.


Truth does matter. It has to.

Indeed without truth there is no progress, only downfall, eventually.


Think about a good journalist. He may not have the power to change things by himself, but when exposing truths behind the scenes, It start to hit people that can actually do something.

the truth brings more value for the community as a whole. i like how this just gives facts and doesnt really tell people what to think.

Give info, help people see connections when there may be some...and just leave it to the readers to figure out.

So as not to cause any kinda uproar.. Love the approach.

It certainly matters to me, as well! I upvoted your post and hope to read more valuable content such as this from you in the near future!

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