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 Approaching 4 Months..and I'm also going to put the GASP "introduceyourself" tag. Yup, I stopped using it, but I think it will be beneficial for N00b's to see. It's relevant and it's only to help. 

Steemit has replaced many of my social platforms. It's my go to for news and general information. I have been on here long enough to see my way past the point of moaning about payouts or very few upvotes for my posts. I have learned nobody likes a whiner; but you are definitely allowed to moan. Sometimes you moaning really helps others in the beginning stages. It's understanding when you spend hours at a time writing about something you are passionate about with very little attention. You need to change your mindset. When you write about something passionate it's NOT for the payout; it's to get a message across. 

The facts about Steemit is this:

Respect your elders and try to accommodate their requests if you are called out on something. You don't want to piss off someone who has 1,000,000 Steam Power. Your ego means nothing to someone who has a bigger Ego. Now I know seasoned Steemian's who have been on the platform for more than a year want quality; annotated posts, the correct tags etc.. etc. I have even started to include sources for the photo's I use. 


Because I was nominated into a contest and wasn't considered because I was missing some of these basics. So why not simply institute that for now on? I do believe some seasoned Steemian's sometimes forget what it means to be a minnow. Basically if the platform doesn't grow; them being a whale means nothing. Their time in the sun will fade if there is nobody to pass the torch on too in order to grow. So it is symbiotic in many respects and some people may be power hungry and forget that.

With that being said, if you ignore request's from someone higher up; that's fine as you won't be KICKED off a blockchain platform. However you will perform terribly and will probably lose interest in it.

Treat Steemit like a video game nooB. You need to be smart in your playing. If you make the wrong turn your reputation can go from 55 to -5. I have seen it happen numerous times. I have seen posts go Hidden and you are trolled silently until you stop posting. There are expectations on this platform so Grind this game, and respect the rules. 

If you don't grind, you simply will go no where.

Image source:

I could say this post is kinda a grind. Life is a grind. I will go out on a limb and flag a post for racism, negligence, and revisionism based upon historical inaccuracies (yah yah the victors write the history). So if you want to remain a human being, STICK UP FOR YOUR PRINCIPLES in a respectful way. I have flagged literally Nazi's on this platform; and if it pisses off someone who purchasd their Steem Power.. well that's the risk I'll have to take. No matter the amount of money I can make over here, I'll still make more out in the real world. 

Steemit is PASSIVE income, it is not ACTIVE income. Treat it as such and you will find that it will provide you the icing on the cake..NOT THE CAKE.

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I hope this post helps all the moaning posts I have seen this morning. It's questionable if this will be seen or appreciated; but this is actually part of grinding. You never know what will catch attention. SO JUST DON'T STOP. Put anything out there as long as it's totally not SPAM, or a SHIT POST.

All N00B's need encouragement. I was one of them and learned the atmosphere. I have as much as a vested interest in becoming a whale as anyone here. I also know if I ignore complaints at the grass roots level, then I'm in trouble with ever accomplishing that goal.

Steem ON N00BS. Keep grinding and don't give up.


thank you for posting this, very real and good to keep in mind for anybody who would like to stay long term on steemit. also very encouraging and confirmative for the ones who are on the right track. in other words, it's a marathon, definitely not a sprint.

Thank you so much worth reading.
Helpful tips and i know you all work hard to be what you are now.
I'm new on this and I'm still learning.
I'm enjoying what I do now, baby step one day at the time.

Thank you for your time, for writing about this.


Great post for newer members. I also have noticed a lot of moaning, and b!tching about low rewards or invisibility too.

You got an upvote & resteem from me (maybe more n00bs will see it).
Steem on beyond the moon, we will take it way further than that. Good luck to us all.

Thank you for the added exposure. I think everyone needs a real boost once and a while. Reaching out is two-fold; one asking for the help, and as well getting the message out. I'm going to hit a good reputation eventually but I REALLY want this platform to replace Faceboooook, Reddit etc..

Whales want the same.. and we want all minnows to know growth is not only meaningful, but attainable.

Steemit is active income for those who post and comment daily. Curation is definitely passive once you set it. This community is evolving slowly. The top earners are changing and that will continue as new people come aboard.

Blogging etiquette is essentially the same across the web. If there was not a monetary motive here the content would be much higher quality but the amount of users would be far lower. But if a person follows the same etiquette used across the interwebs they can do very well.

You are correct sir. In fact you know my sister who I was able to convince to come onto this platform. I know she will do great with it as she has been blogging a lot longer than I have. I think she will be even more successful than I over here; and it's nothing to be jealous about. I will add that it's passive in the idea that a majority of people here will not be able to make a living off of it unless they have $50,000-$100,000 to start with. But then, they might be upvoting their own comments before adding any real value to the community.

BB613 I'm so glad to see this post getting some attention! Your content is always top notch. Your message today is perfect and just what many people need to hear.

Personally, I try to post once per day, but refuse to simply crank out junk, so sometimes I don't post for a day or two. My posts need to come from my heart and I need to feel proud of what I've published. If I'm not feeling proud, it doesn't get published -- period. Maybe one day more people will read what I write, as I have no intention of stopping.

Steem on, BB613!

@cali-girl Thank you that means a lot coming from you. I think we started at around the same time and I have to say you WILL be a whale. Your content is always grabbing attention as it is well deserved. You always speak from the heart and you are noticed because of it.

Thank you for writing this piece. I got few friends to join the platform recently, who I thought can contribute and are better than me, this will help them to understand how this ecosystem works and patience is the key. People who are here just to make a quick buck will eventually leave, only the ones who believe and can contribute positively will stick around. I'm learning so much everyday on this platform. Thanks to people like you.

Great post and essential reading to manage new expectations on Steemit. Thanks!

Welcome :) Followed. Follow me back 😘

Upvoted and resteemed you because ur a fellow bear :)

lol.. glad I attached a number to my name ;)

As a minnow, it is frustrating. Wanting to achieve and make money so I can concentrate on doing creative things. Still better than FB or YT. And I do look it like a game. What is be best strategy. And have fun.

Welcome to Steemit Bearbear613 !! Glad to see more people like you - here joining Steemit! Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me !

I see you everyday, saying the same thing.
A big bear is going to eat you one day😬😬😬😬
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I think its a Bot Barry. I have seen so many posts from this handle, just the content changes sometimes. Maybe someone can figure this out.

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I couldn't agree more. I can also understand how most minnows are discouraged.

Excellent work dear friend @ bearbear613 congratulations, many thanks spor share this wonderful work
Have a great day

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HiiBearbear613 nice to read about you.i am surendra from india,am also a new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.i have followed, can you also follow me.Best of luck and also upvote me.

STEEM ON NOOBS!!! Hilarious mate!

thanks for the post @bearbear613, be sure to check out @lank

This is a great post friend! You really touched on the unwritten Steemit laws.

Best steemit facts thanks

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barry; YOU were one of the first posts I ever saw on steemit! In fact I have learned so much from you; and you were dare I say it INSTRUMENTAL in regards to me learning over here. I have learned we have a lot of similarities in terms of our "outlook" (especially in CANADA) and I have enormous respect for you. Thanks for your attention and support. Hopefully new Steemians will learn to grind and have patience. It pays off! Thanks for the icing! ;)

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I have none to sell right now.. :(

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