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How to make your steemit posts look more professional with basic formatting.

If you're new to steemit you might be having trouble with the blank screen you are faced with when you go to Submit a Story. I'm here to help.

I too had to figure this all out for myself. With lots of searching I eventually found this post
Thanks for the help @magnebit !

Now you can choose between my step by step video tutorial, or you can check out the screenshots below it which also show you exactly how the magic happens.

1. Start with a heading

2. Don't be afraid to be BOLD & EMPHASIZE

3. Quotes & Links are cool

Error: The links above went into the quote because I did not enter an extra line between the 2. So I should have said
(>)this is a quote

(this is a link)

4. Pics & Vids are everybody's fave!

Note that pictures currently can't be directly uploaded. Instead you need to right click on an image that is already online, click "copy image url" and then paste this into your steemit post.

Also note that this will not work with facebook and you will need to use another website (I recommend imgur) to play the middle man.

If you're not happy with the way your images display on your post then perhaps this gallery tutorial will help.

Don't forget to add relevant tags to your post so that peope who are looking for your kind of content can actually find it!

I hope this is helpful :)
If you'd like to get to know me a little more here is my introduction!

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Much well needed information on this post, thanks! Namaste :)


Thanks! I hope it helps! If you come across anything else you think could be added I'd welcome extras :)

Thank you, very useful.


Glad you think so! If there's anything you think needs to be added I'd welcome extras :)

Hi beanz, thanks for the video.
what about tags? do you put them in the tag field?
and in the tag field should they be written with or without the #?


No need for the #. Just keep every word lowercase and yes they go in the tag field. I'm not sure if or how they work if you put them in the main text of your post.
Two words like introduceyourself go together as one.
I believe they have recently limited the amount of tags you can use so make sure to use whatever is most relevant to your post so that the right people (who would want to read it) will read it.


Thank you but i dont real understand it.

I actually didn't know a few of these. Hopefully this will get some visibility for newcomers.


haha. Well I'll be expecting better from your posts now :P

Thank you so much for this! Thanks to magnebit for helping you.
It is not current but it is the first post that has given me a little understanding of how to post.
Can a picture be sized and moved around?

Thank you for very good video tutorial :)



You're welcome so glad if it helps :)

Testing centre format


Nope didn't work lol

Update: Check out this other tutorial by @faltmast if you plan on posting lots of images in one post!

Commenting on this so I can go back to this. Steemit needs a favorite button badly.


You can always find me @beanz :)

@beanz consider adding the 'originals' tag to your tutorial.


Hmm OK I'll do that thanks for the tip!

I am trying to submit my first post and I have imput the comment into the box but the "post box" is still grayed out. i'm ready to submit. what am I doing wrong?


Have you entered in the tags?

To make a well formatted post like This you need to use This

This is perfect. From one Dub to another, thanks for the help.

This helps a lot, thanks beanz!


You're welcome!

  • I accidentally came across 2 new ones today.
  • This - is a bullet

And when you write this - under a sentence

I guess it makes it a heading lol.

Thanks Beanz. Great advice

Now this makes more sense. I didnt know you have place the link in the comment section. I thought it was through the little picture thing you click on when you are writing the blog. Reminds me of myspace. Lol. But thanks this helps alot!!!


You're forever welcome :)

Thanks. Very silly that they don't have proper newbie guide


The platform is still very new. Building a "newbie guide" will take time. You can help by submitting your questions here



thank's a lot, I'm newbie in steemit and it will help me :)

Ok this made it much easier to understand.

Thank you beanz, this was very helpful. Now I know how to add links to my posts! I am going to follow you.

Thank you for the information! ^_^