Dear Binance: Pls. List $SBD / Steem Backed Dollars! #22 | Let's Get on the Binance Suggested Coin of the Month Boards, as a Mass Voting Movement. Community Engagement Series.

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We had STEEM listed not long ago, and that is great!

But we want more LOL.

We have 2 STEEM tokens every day that are usable and tradeable here in the Steemit ecosystem.

1 down, 1 to go!!

There's usually about half a dozen coins there listed below, up for adoption next on Binance -- I've never heard of or hardly at all and I follow the crypto space.

STEEM has been around nearly 24 full mths. now in the top ~30 coins give or take, has around 800k users, a busy blockchain and a use case built in.

Recent Success / History on Added Coins:

PIVX Added to Binance -- Coin Moons.

The coin they added recently mooned, of course, and I wrote about that here:

Charting those Gains From When That Happened:



I WANT decentralized exchanges like BITSHARES to be adopted but until they are, we do owe it to every Steem holder (either coin.... both really) --

-- to lobby for the rest of the exchanges to get the Steem tokens on there for mass awareness and liquidity.

Binance from everything I am seeing is NOW THE LARGEST exchange -- blowing past market leaders like Poloniex and Bittrex - who both are closing doors to free and easy signups and use, and with nutty kinda fascist policies, not helping users etc.

Binance had disabled new user account activations as of late as we know too, they have been overwhelmed with volume.

See below screenshots from the Binance pages recently I grabbed:

Round 6 now closed and showing the results / recent coins listed:

Are You Game to Help??

Comment if you are IN for co-ordinating a mass voting movement on here for Binance exchange to get Steem Backed Dollars / $SBD coins on there and I can draft something.

I have to gauge interest, over a sample size of posts, thus, the series it has become.

I may run a series on this, until we get things co ordinated effectively. ... EDIT -- That is what this has turned into.

I hope to compile the names/comments/ideas here, and then contact the commenters in the posts, so we can attempt something organized. -- Ideas and comments all welcome, obviously as per the title!

Bonus / Unrelated for New Steemians:

Search out Steemit101 / Steemit 101 etc:


Steemit Ideas / Resources for New Steemit Family Arriving Daily.

-- If you do a search on (#Steemit101) or Steemit101 / Steemit 101 -- with my name -- it will return many resources for you to use or learn from.

-- Here are some of the latest Steemit 101 Posts For You / Others on My Blog:

Thanks for reading, have a nice day and remember...

Steem On.

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