Special Post Promotion Thread(Valid only for the First 20 Submissions)

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So you must have read the Title that has Special in it.


So what is Special about this Post Promotion Thread?

For starters, I will only Upvote the First 20 People that will Resteem my Post and Comment down their Post Link.

Secondly, instead of Upvoting Posts by 1-5% of my VP I will Upvote those Posts from 3-50% of my VP

Finally, there could be a Special Prize which would be a 100% Upvote from me Provided the Post you Submit is Mind Boggling.

Oh, I almost forgot that your Post should be less than 10 USD in payout amount. I will only upvote if it's less than 10 USD.


So Guys find the Best Post you have Written in this Week and Post that Link Below.


You need to Resteem my Post in order to qualify for the Upvote Giveaway.

Sorry but your Post is past payout Time. You should always submit Posts that are Freshly Brewed.

Try again next Time.

Sorry but I don't Upvote Contest Related Posts.


Yesterday you didn't upvote because it was over 10 USD.
Today you have another reason.

This is not serious. We're not supporting you anymore.


If you have been following me from when I started this Thread you should know that I don't support contest related Posts.

You can click a Landscape Image or a Flower that itself will earn you a 1% Upvote add in some details with it like place and characteristics I will add another 1%.

It's as simple as that. Nothing against you brother. If I start upvoting contest related posts everyone will start Posting those on my thread.


Then you should make it clear in your posting what you are not upvoting.
Do you not upvoting if the weather is too cold or too warm?

We don't really depend on it either, we just often test competitions to see how honest they are.


I know it's bit of my Mistake as I have run this Thread for over 2-3 Months Approx. So I have literally done about 50-70 of these Promotions so the words did Jumbled out a bit.

Another of my Mistake was not to write the Full reason on your Yesterday's Submission. That would have cleared everything out.

As for how honest I am running this. I only ask for a Resteem no Upvotes.

My only Moto for Doing this is to keep some Minnows from leaving Steemit as they get zero Payouts.


″My only Moto for Doing this is to keep some Minnows from leaving Steemit as they get zero Payouts."

And you earn money with every posting, because the votingpower is free.
And more resteems, more money.
But it is okay.

Maybe you can make your rules more clear.


Yes that was my Mistake I totally agree with that.

I will make clearer rules for the Next one and so on.

Read my profile if want me to resteem your post to over 72,500 followers. @a-a-a

Hey there! Long time no see arunava! I will be posting regularly again, and I´ll submit something to this promotion thread real soon!

No need for that @wolfenlord you are still on my Steemvoter List so you should be getting Upvotes from me.


Good to see you are Back.

Ditto... you have been on my steemvoter list for the 2 months I was absent as well. ;)
But as I said, I love writing, so I´ll write something good as soon as I have some free time.

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You need to Resteem my Post in order to qualify for the Upvote Giveaway.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed

You need to Resteem my Post in order to qualify for the Upvote Giveaway.

Upvoted at 3%

Thanks for your generousity Sir.

You need to Resteem my Post in order to qualify for the Upvote Giveaway plus I already Upvoted that Post in my Previous Promotion Thread.

Upvoted at 4%

I never arrived in time ... What chimbo :(

There were a lot of Reject Entries as they did not follow the Rules so you would have gotten ann Upvote if you had Posted your Link plus followed all Rules.

Well I understand ... I'll be more aware of that! Thank you @arunava

i always miss the train. When i got out some time from work and refresh the feed and scrolled page i saw your post that almost filled the requirement. Today i came and already 30+ submission done. What a luck! :)

Even though there were over 30 Comments almost 10 were Rejected as they did not followed the Rules so you should have posted your Link.

Never Give Up.

Sometimes I also give Complimentary Upvotes so always Try.