Major confectionery - This sugar shrink is very useful with various kinds of ferme

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Major confectionery

This sugar shrink is very useful with various kinds of ferme




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Most of these products are very advanced in our environment because it is very useful for us all especially to children and for adults also follow the footsteps of children three decades ago, PT. Mayora Indah made a breakthrough by launching "Kopiko" candy confection made from real sugar and coffee. Kopiko is a pioneer in the coffee candy variant with the tagline "Kopiko instead of coffee". Currently "Kopiko" has been exported the five continents in the world.


In this product is very good and does not hazardous chemical dangers through the packaging of "confection packs" of confectionery candies with KIS trademarks produced by Mayora establish strong ties with consumers, especially those who want to convey their feelings with words printed on KIS packaging.

Other Brands

Other trademarks produced by Mayora's confectionery division are Kopiko Milko, Kopiko Cappuccino, Tamarin, Juizy Milk, and the latest is KIS Chewy



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