Post Promotion Thread -19

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I started this Post Promotion Thread when I crossed 2000 Followers and I am thinking about Continuing this service every once in a While. The first Time only 3 Steemians were able to get Boosts from me. So I added another Rule to Follow which led to more people's joining this Post Promotion. Slowly but surely it is Getting Traction bit by Bit. This is the 8th Time I am running this Thread.



I feel Rules are necessary for something like this. So here are some Rules you have to Follow.

1. Post a link to one of Your Post in the Comments Below that you think deserves more Attention.

2. Only one link Per Person will be Counted. No Multiple Entries.

3. It can be of any Genre. You can post your Photography Pictures too if You like.

4. I will Upvote the Posts at 1 - 5 % Upvote which will be about 2-10 Cents per Upvote.

5. If your Post Payout is over 10 USD then I will not be Voting as you don't need any Promotion if that's the Case. Although I will read your Post.

6. Do not Post Links to Contest Related Posts.

7. Upvote and Re-Steeming this Post is Mandatory so that this Post gets a lot of Attention.

8. The Promotion Thread will be closed after 12 hours of posting this Post. Any submission after that time would not be counted.


These are some Simple Rules to follow.
So start Commenting and this Time I will be Seeing you not in my Next Post but on Yours.

PS : I have changed the Rules a bit just for this Thread. I will be Upvoting Posts at 1-5% rather than 5-10%. I want to increase my VP to over 90% so please Bear with me for this Round only. It will be back to it's old Glory soon.


Upvoted at 5%

Man you are one Tall Guy.

Thank you for the upvote! I am glad to see you back and yiu are OK. The men on both sides of my family are pretty tall.

Upvoted at 3%

Upvoted at 3%

That certainly does look interesting I would have asked you to make a Plan but I just completed my House just a Week ago.

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Thanks very much brother😊

Happy Easter Sunday @arunava, thanks for sharing,is my entrance to the thread

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I really like your Pills of Life Posts I am thinking about making a few of mine too.

Thank you my heart, write them, I will also read them, I like that kind of motivation

Thanks so much for your philanthropic personality, here's my link sir

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I really do appreciate boss @arunava, you a man of your words indeed and honest too... God bless you more.

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