The story of the Easter Bunny

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The Easter symbol of rebirth: hare - the legendary companion and the sacred animal of the goddess Ēostre, a symbol of the reviving nature, spring and fertility. Easter Bunny is not a modern invention. This symbol was taken from the old Germanic tradition. Therefore, first, only children from the Germanic culture on the Easter morning sought colored eggs left to them by the Easter bunny. The first edible bunnies are the Germans' idea. The market appeared in 1800. There were bunnies made of dough or sugar.


In 1700, settlers arrived in Pennsylvania, who brought with them the tradition of the Easter hare. However, he gained popularity only in the 19th century. The Easter hare was renamed the Easter bunny. In the eyes of children, he became the second, most important figure after Saint Nicholas, who brings them Easter basket full of chocolate delights on an Easter morning.

Like in the case of an egg, also in the case of a bunny, the artists outdid themselves in the creation of the largest chocolate sculpture that would go to the Guinness Book of Records. The record fell this year and belongs to Harry Johnson - an artist from Johannesburg. His chocolate rabbit measures 3.82 meters and weighs over 3 tons! It is worth adding that he is a replica of a rabbit known from the Duracell battery advertisement.


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