Post Promotion Thread -12 (No More Submissions Will Be Taken)

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I started this Post Promotion Thread when I crossed 2000 Followers and I am thinking about Continuing this service every once in a While. The first Time only 3 Steemians were able to get Boosts from me. So I added another Rule to Follow which led to more people's joining this Post Promotion. Slowly but surely it is Getting Traction bit by Bit. This is the 8th Time I am running this Thread.



I feel Rules are necessary for something like this. So here are some Rules you have to Follow.

1. Post a link to one of Your Post in the Comments Below that you think deserves more Attention.

2. Only one link Per Person will be Counted. No Multiple Entries.

3. It can be of any Genre. You can post your Photography Pictures too if You like.

4. I will Upvote the Posts at 1 - 5 % Upvote which will be about 2-10 Cents per Upvote.

5. If your Post Payout is over 10 USD then I will not be Voting as you don't need any Promotion if that's the Case. Although I will read your Post.

6. Do not Post Links to Contest Related Posts.

7. Upvote and Re-Steeming this Post is Mandatory so that this Post gets a lot of Attention.

8. The Promotion Thread will be closed after 12 hours of posting this Post. Any submission after that time would not be counted.


These are some Simple Rules to follow.
So start Commenting and this Time I will be Seeing you not in my Next Post but on Yours.

PS : I have changed the Rules a bit just for this Thread. I will be Upvoting Posts at 1-5% rather than 5-10%. I want to increase my VP to over 90% so please Bear with me for this Round only. It will be back to it's old Glory soon.


thanks you sir for thread 12. upvote and resteem.

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Help get a birthday cake, someone might need it.

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Thanks for that

Your post was really Nice Unfortunately your Post is Past Upvoting Time.

I hope from next Time you Submit Posts that are not so close to Payout.

Rules are done.
Here's you can see my post.
Thanks @arunava brother for this thread.

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@cjean it seems you Forgot to Resteem my Post.

Follow all Rules to Enter the Giveaway.

I'm sorry sir @arunava. My bad.
Resteem done..
Thank you.

You are within Time Limit so I am adding you to the List.


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Yeheeyy I'm IN..! Thank you sir @arunava.. 😊😄
Thanks for your support..
More power..

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Thanks for the upvote @arunava

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I would like to know which Camera you used to click those Pictures. It lacks some Sharpness to it.

I know. 😕. Cell phone camera. Samsung 4

Lol you have Declined Payout so I am Unable to Upvote.

Upvoted an resteemed.
With all the accounts being hacked during this last week, I thouht it would be useful to write a tutorial on how to get your account back up and your rep score reinstated...

I really liked your Post it was simply awesome.

Unfortunately your Post has already crossed the 10 USD limit that I have made as a Rule so I won't be Upvoting you but you got a New Follower in me.

Thanks. I’d say I was sorry, but I’m happy it broke your rule ;0)

Oops. Thought I had another day or so before payout. My bad. Thanks anyway!

Sorry man I am just Upvoting all Posts now.

Better luck next Time.

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I just Love Chess used to play a lot with my Dorm Mate.

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Thank you sir.
I've been looking for such a wonderful opportunity .

This is my post. :

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The Post was very Short but I really liked your Thought on the Glass Half Full kinda Guy.

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Thank you Sir,
Wish u all the best,

You have to be Patient as I am a Human and I have to go through and read several Posts.

Anyways Upvoted at 4%

Thanks for your effort to keep this community growing.

I just upvote and resteem.

Below is my link

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@jean77jta55 it seems you haven't Resteemed my Post yet.

Please follow all the Rules to Enter the Giveaway.

arunava looks like you copy / pasted some content of this post from this article:
69-Year-Old Woman Hasn’t Used Money in Over 15 Years
Please consider to avoid plagiarism!

Good pos brother...

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

Sorry but the Offer is now Closed.

Please try again in my Next Promotion Thread.

No Problem But Resteemd and Upvote your post Because you are doing great work.

Thanks a lot @arslanq I hope you get to Participate in the next One.