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My greetings to Steemians all over the world.
Everyone will want to succeed including Me, But We must realize that success is not found but created.



My real name: KHUSAIRI same as username Steemit I use real name.
I Know Steemit in December 2017 to a friend named @suheri.
After joining Steemit I realize this is a platfrom that can create success.
I always follow in the footsteps of Suheri in a #promo-steem activity in the District which is a little way from my hometown. And almost every day I go to the District to learn And help the #promo-steem activity made By @ suheri.
After getting the results of hard work I started looking around at home, I thought why I did not make the #promo-steem activity in the village while all my friends did not have a full-time job And so did my neighborhood neighbor.
From that moment on I started to make the #promo-steem activity in various hustle events in the village, at the tavern, in the stalls and even in the garden.
I've also done #promo-steem to Team volleyball And Football Team And support them with my ability From the rewards I get.





Now many of those who have joined, among them are;
1- @teukusaiful
2- @saifuddin07
3- @ulfiatu.akiya
3- @fifi-yanti
4- @murhadi9
5- @ismail96
6- @alimuddin97
7- @nur-malita
8- @nurjannah11
9- @khairuddin08
10- @sarjani
11- @teukuafzal
12- @syahril9





And there are many more among them.
You can see my post about the promos I've made on this link:

And many more post about the steam promo, you can see it on the homepage of my account.

Now I get a lot of things from # promo-steem activities.
I have many new friends, close relationships with people and trust when I do every activity.


In my hometown is the representative of the village chief And the obligations I pay attention to the community, the conditions of young men and women.
Unfortunately, 90% of them Dan including me are unemployed because of inadequate education, 90% of education level is only secondary school And only 10% are entering university because they can not afford in material matter And finance.
I want them to succeed even if their education is lacking. I want them to show me their respective skills in Steemit because I know they're talented just financially not supporting them.
I see a way out of all that is in the Steemit platform. If I can get revenue from Steemit's paltfrom they can all.


I want to be a Steem ambassador because I want to make sure all the # promo-steem activities I've been working on do not stop halfway, I want this activity to continue.
I want to make sure all the people know Steemit Dan introduce to people they know.


Provide support And encouragement to beginners Steemit to grow more And to create a whale that Will be able to support the community to change the economy.
Removing all unemployed, creating an educated generation.
As I said, success is not found but created. So I want to create success not individually but thoroughly.

My Respect And thanks to @stephenkendal, @starkerz And @anarcotech as the leader of the #promo-steem tag anf @steem-ambassador who has supported me all this time.


Is not that a member of the promo-rural community? Then why are you promoting to the same person? The ambassador only selects people who are extraordinary promotions, not only to the nearest person who has joined the steemit, is not it @starkerz?

Yes you are right ,,,
Even I myself are Team @promo-steemrural ... you also true they have I recruited to be part of Team @promo-steemrural. I describe the experience of the promo-steem activities that I have done. is not that what it takes ??
I am glad you saw it and acknowledge what I have done.
If you do not understand Steem Ambassador Approval Process, you can read it on this link

Thank you for giving me a comment.
I really appreciate it.

@khusairi would be an excellent choice for steemambassador, a very natural leader, great deal of character it would be difficult for you to find much better community oriented people on all of steemit. (do not upvote this comment, upvote this post and/or those that @khusairi mentioned above, thanks!)

Thank you my friend.
Thanks for your support.
Your support is a passion for me.
Hopefully what we hope for and what we dream will come true.

I second this application
I strongly support @khusairi has helped the promo-steem in the countryside

Thanks for your support buddy..

Saya mendukung anda semoga suses dalam mempromosikan #promo-steem

where there is a will there is a way, keep striving for the progress of your village community with steemit so they are ready to face the era of global economy, may you always succeed in steemit. I always support you @khusairi

Thank you my friend .
I really appreciate it

God job.. I m support...

Thanks my friend..

Sopport you

Thanks my friend,,

Thanks to brother @khusairi who always do # promo-steem to the people in the countryside. That's a very good job.

Thanks very much for your support @muhammadrizki
Hope,we can do together..

good to promo-steem @khusairi i’m support yaou ..
good luck mu friend..

Thanks buddy..

Thanks buddy

I support you

Thanks for your support buddy

I M Support ... God Job @khusairi

Thanks for your support..
Let's do #promo-steem together for helping the rural people...

it's a great job, hopefully what you do can benefit everyone, and good luck come to you. I will always support you brother @khusairi.

Thanks for your support @ronalassidiq

I'm support your @khusairi
Hope you be ambassador

I hope so buddy..
Thanks for your support @kamalkhann

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I support you

Thanks for your support..

Thank for your support brother

Thanks for your support sir

I support you brother @khusairi

I support you brother @khusairi

Thanks for your support my friend

I support you Bother @khusairi
Good job...

Thanks for your support @saifuddin07

Thanks to brother @khusairi who always do #promo-steem to the people in the countryside. That's a very good job.

Thanks my friend,,
Your support is my spirit..

Thanks for your support @mutianur29280

I supports you

Thanks for your support @teukuafzal

Kerja yang sangat bagus @khusairi

Terimakasih kawan

I support you

Thanks buddy

I second this application
I strongly support @khusairi for ambassador #promo-steem

Thanks for your support @wandy01

Good luck... i support you @khusairi

I hope so...
Thanks my friend @hery0823