Special Post Promotion Thread(Valid only for the First 5 Submissions)

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I used to do a lot of Promotions in my Blog but I did pause them for a while. Good news is that I am back and I will be doing Post Promotions once again. Although this wouldn't be a Daily Post Promotion I would like to do at least two per Week.



I feel Rules are necessary for something like this. So here are some Rules you have to Follow.

1. Post a link to one of Your Post in the Comments Below that you think deserves more Attention.

2. Only one link Per Person will be Counted. No Multiple Entries.

3. It can be of any Genre. You can post your Photography Pictures too if You like.

4. I will Upvote the Posts at 1 - 5 % Upvote which will be about 3 - 15 Cents per Upvote.

5. If your Post Payout is over 10 USD then I will not be Voting as you don't need any Promotion if that's the Case. Although I will read your Post.

6. Do not Post Links to Contest Related Posts.

7. Upvote and Re-Steeming this Post is Mandatory so that this Post gets a lot of Attention.


These are some Simple Rules to follow.
So start Commenting and this Time I will be Seeing you not in my Next Post but on Yours.
PS: Depending on my Voting Power I might Upvote more than 5 Posts at any given Time.


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might be a little too late but here ;)

You were on Time but you forgot to Resteem my Post which is a requirement.

Bro, you need to do that before the Time is up. I have already upvoted the Posts and I am about to Post a new Promotion Thread.

Lol there's nothing to be sorry about. I have set another Post Promotion Thread on a scheduler so the post will be published 4 hours from now.

You can participate in that. Just Read the rules a bit.

Can i post my link dada? Coz iys already five people in the comments posted their links#

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I usually upvote all the submissions but this time I am only going for 5