Special Post Promotion Thread(Valid only for the First 10 Submissions)

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So you must have read the Title that has Special in it.

So what is Special about this Post Promotion Thread?

For starters, I will only Upvote the First 10 People that will Resteem my Post and Comment down their Post Link.

Secondly, instead of Upvoting Posts by 1-5% of my VP I will Upvote those Posts from 3-50% of my VP

Finally, there could be a Special Prize which would be a 100% Upvote from me Provided the Post you Submit is Mind Boggling.

Oh, I almost forgot that your Post should be less than 10 USD in payout amount. I will only upvote if it's less than 10 USD.


So Guys find the Best Post you have Written in this Week and Post that Link Below.


I've tried every day to share one or two posts, it feels like a street in place. I try to stay strong, face the wind at this already fast level.


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Thank you very much for vote in my blog, have a nice day.

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You need to Resteem my Post in order to qualify for the Upvote Giveaway.

Sorry about that man. Just Resteemed!

You need to do that before I begin the Upvoting Process.

Try again next Time.

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I like your thinking. I watch Anime too so I feel that.

the article was good. There is a lot of learning and understanding that will benefit everyone. Continue.keep it up.

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