Earn Up To $160 from Byteball Depending On Your Reputation

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Alright, so I know many of us have already heard of the airdrop that Byteball is doing. Even though this is the case, there are still many that haven't heard. If you haven't heard, then I'm here to help you out.

First, you'll have to download the Byteball wallet. Then, leave your Byteball address in the comment section and I'll send you enough bytes to cover your attestation cost. Here's the link to download the wallet:


Here are the steps you have to complete once you download the wallet in order to earn your bytes:

  1. Once you open your wallet, and I've sent you your bytes, click on chat in the bottom right corner.

  2. After you click on chat, click on steem attestation bot. It's the 7th option.
    byte 3.png

  3. After you click on that, click on open chat. You'll receive a message that tell you how much you can earn and how much attestation cost.
    byte 1.png

  4. Now, click on the 3 dots on the bottom left hand corner. Now click on insert my address.
    byte 2.png

  5. Once you inter your address, you'll get a thank you message. Click on the link it gives you and log into your steemit account.
    byte 4.png

Here's a breakdown of how much you earn depending on your reputation level:

1. Rep 30 < = $10 reward
2. Rep 40 < = $20 reward
3. Rep 50 < = $40 reward
4. Rep 60 < = $80 reward
5. Rep 70 < = $160 reward

Congrats! Your free bytes are on the way!

Artboard 1 copy@10x.png

Thank you for checking out my post! You'll have to send your bytes to an exchange and trade it for btc and then steem or sbd. At least, that's what I did. I invested my bytes into my steemit account. I'd highly recommend you do the same because you want to build up your account. Take care!

Here's a link to receive 100 SATX ($15) with their airdrop:


Here's a guide for using coinbase to buy cryptos:



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@artbyclark hello 👋 sir, Wow, I think this is a very nice opportunity for us to earn $ 160, but Sir, my reputation is 44. How much money can I earn from here, I want to make income and please say please

You'll have to download the wallet first. Here's the link for that: https://steem-byteball.org/#UFK64C6HIGJF7Y3FLGUCOZYIBYMEHSKY

Since your rep is 44, you'll earn the $20 reward. One way to increase your rep fast, is to buy upvotes from people with higher reps than you. You could also buy votes using bid bots. You can go to smartsteem to do this. Here's the link to there: https://smartsteem.com/dashboard

Once you download the wallet, simply follow the steps that I mentioned above. Comment your byte address and I'll send you enough bytes for your attestation cost.

@artbyclark many many thanks for the great information,,,

You’re welcome! :)

Many many thanks @artbyclark sir

How much will i get.?
Can i get now the bytes..?

At your current reputation level, you’ll receive a $10 reward. If you can get to 40 rep before I get off at 5pm, you’ll get a $20 reward.

I’ll send them as soon as I get off work at 5pm and get home.

Now send me please $10. I would very happy.

Okay. Send me after reaching my rep of 40. And i will comment again sir

I just sent your bytes. Now you will have to follow the steps in this guide to receive the reward.

Dear sir, you have sent me 600,000 bytes as $0.08 when my reputation was 25. But now my rept is 40. Can i get the ammount according to my reputation now ?


All you have to do now is pay for your attestation and you will earn the larger reward if you already haven't claimed it yet.

600,000 bytes is more than enough to pay for your attestation.

thanks is good news

You're welcome :)

This is my address @artbyclark.

I just sent you your bytes :)

Thanks so much..

I already have the bytes
Please how can i invest it on steem or sbd??? Screenshot_20180727-224756.png

You'll need to create a bittrex account and send your bytes to your byte wallet address on there. Here's a link to bittrex: https://bittrex.com/

Then, exchange bytes for btc. After that, buy steem or sbd using the btc on blocktrades. Here's the link to there: https://blocktrades.us/

Bittrex requires you to have a minimum amount of btc to send, before they you'll be able to send it.

I am seriously considering doing this. Do you work for Byteball?

I think you should. It's free money. If you could get your account to 50 re, then you can get the $40 reward like I did. I don't work for them. I found out about it because of another user and since I did it, I thought I'd spread the word.

You mentioned about some free bytes? :)
I'm in.

Bytes sent :)

Nice opportunity to grab

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