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RE: Earn Up To $160 from Byteball Depending On Your Reputation

in #steemit6 years ago

@artbyclark hello 👋 sir, Wow, I think this is a very nice opportunity for us to earn $ 160, but Sir, my reputation is 44. How much money can I earn from here, I want to make income and please say please


You'll have to download the wallet first. Here's the link for that:

Since your rep is 44, you'll earn the $20 reward. One way to increase your rep fast, is to buy upvotes from people with higher reps than you. You could also buy votes using bid bots. You can go to smartsteem to do this. Here's the link to there:

Once you download the wallet, simply follow the steps that I mentioned above. Comment your byte address and I'll send you enough bytes for your attestation cost.

@artbyclark many many thanks for the great information,,,

You’re welcome! :)

Many many thanks @artbyclark sir

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