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Drawing DANIEL LARIMER (part 1 of 2)

Hello Steemians! Wow, this is the first post of a series of drawings, which is focussed on the most important component of STEEMIT – all of you! The post is tagged with Steemfest, because I made this series with the hope to finance a last minute ticket, hotel and flight to attend STEEMFEST. It is like a quest, a challenge for me. Let's see if I can succeed. Here you can find my post, why I would like to participate STEEMFEST - my entry for the giveaways of @blueorgy and @firepower.

I was wondering who to start with, but then the answer was obvious. There is just one option – the founder and inventor Daniel Larimer aka @dan aka @dantheman (!)

Inspired by a post @teamsteem made back in the days, I made the following drawing, in which I integreted a powerful quote of Dan. I hope you guys enjoy the drawing process and that you will follow the upcoming posts.

This are some of the steemians you can expect in the next days (in no particular order)

and many more!

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT; I appreciate constructive critic and questions! Thanks!

Here is the process:

Handwritten Daniel‘s wonderful quote:

I believe that good people don't have to resort to bad things, just because bad people exist and I'm not going to rest until we figure out and solve those problems.
If you have the faith and you're willing to not give up until you found a solution then you will find the solution. People didn't give up on flying until they figured out how to fly. Now we fly all the time but before people flew, people said it was impossible.
Well today people say it's impossible to live in a world without a government backed by violence and I say don't give up. Instead join us and help us innovate the solutions and adopt them. It does matter what it is, whether you worried about pollution or child abuse or roads and highways, all these things that people act it up, well you need the government for this that the other thing. Don't give up we can find a solution. Let's work together.

Thanks for viewing and blessings, Martin


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To have more exposure to your post use the last draw at the start of your post so it gets the thumbnail of the post ;)


Hey Daniel :-) Thank you ! I really appreciate it, but I made the thumbnails all similar for the whole series of the member drawings. I really like them actually :-)


ah after some thinking about your suggestion... you are right :-)

Hi @art-universe, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

You really have drawing skills :-)


Thanks fathin - I appreciate your comment 😊

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well done! I like the text formating into the shape of the shirt.


This is great... love how you integrated the quote into the shirt.