Why Invest In Steemit? What Would YOU Tell an Investor?

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There's a lot of discussion about where Steemit is headed, where it should head, where it is, where folks think it has been, etc.

These discussions seem to involve at least a degree of confusion, depending upon how long one has been on the site, what one's expectations are and probably just where they find themselves in life at this time.

This was highlighted today in @cryptogee's excellent post Addressing Steemit's Social Confusion, where he kicks off of @joseph's excellent post, WHY ARE SOME OF STEEMIT BEST WRITERS LEAVING? ....

It got me thinking. (okay, let that one pass please)

What is Steemit's real sale's pitch?

I mean, yeah, we've seen some folks bank nicely off some posts. But that's changing. And unless Steem moves up in the cryptoworld, payouts aren't going to ever be attractive enough to be the main motivator.

In addition, as more folks join we may see further dilution. That's not bad. It's just something we need to be thinking about realistically. Maybe some of the tech savvy folks can make this clearer for us.

@stealthtrader had a good complementary post too, What's the point of Steemit now...

So, what is it? Why should someone want to invest in Steemit?

Suppose that you meet a Shark. He's always looking for ways to build his portfolio, especially through helping businesses become uber-successful.

You are the salesman.

Why on earth would he want to invest in Steemit?

Give your best pitch.

C'mon, hit me with your best shot!

Steemin' on,
Another Joe


As it pertains to steemit:

  • We have already seen what a platform like Facebook is capable of.
  • We have already seen what a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is capable of.
  • Steemit is a chance to merge social media and cryptocurrency like never before.

Nowhere else on the web is anyone offering you anything like steemit is right now for your investment of time and effort. As a social media platform, the potential payout that it offers was previously unheard of. As a cryptocurrency, it offers the same mining and purchasing opportunities that any other crypto offers, but steemit takes it to another level when it also allows you to gain some by blogging & curating.

At this very stage, it has already accomplished very much in a completely new realm, and the potential is incredible!

That's just a few thoughts from @papa-pepper on the matter.

I blogged a little for my business website and then stopped, our business doesn't necessarily need blogging as much as SEM and SEO which is already set. So no more blogging until I became a steemit user. My company blog was very limited in what I could blog about, not so on steemit. Now I don't seem to want to stop blogging. I wonder how many others feel the same?
full $teem ahead!

I like it now that I've finally tried it, and the ideas are endless.

That's a good question - and I don't know that there's a good answer.

There is a huge lack of actual investment into this platform right now. Yes, there are a lot of users powering up, including me, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of people buying any substantial amount of Steem with their own money. I think it's hard for an investor to justify buying in when so many very large stakeholders are cashing out. I've been saying this for nearly two months. There is far too much downward pressure on prices that's keeping most people from buying, even at prices near $0.20. Why buy now when the price will almost inevitably go lower in the near-term? Just take a look at the charts. There is no buy signal anywhere to be found.

At some point, "Just think of all the potential!" doesn't cut it. There needs to be a result or two. But even then, there needs to be confidence that the people who have created and developed/are developing the platform aren't "abandoning" it. I'm not saying that they are abandoning Steemit, but perception is reality. So, how can anyone pitch this to an investor when the existing "investors" don't even want to buy - and are in fact selling? At this point, it's purely a speculative play, and there hasn't been a solid floor in the price yet. There isn't enough history for Steem trading to really establish any reliable support or resistance.

So, how can it be pitched? Maybe like this:

"Steemit could be a really great platform if enough people buy into it and developers can implement desired features that have been requested for months."

I don't think that inspires much confidence for someone looking to invest real money. Right now, I don't think Steemit can be pitched to investors. I'm also not knocking developers here, either. I know it's not an easy job. I'm just stating the reality of the situation - and the reality is that there are very few reasons why anyone should invest, other than pure speculation. Although I wouldn't really consider speculation as "investing."

Best answer so far.

I have been buying steem everyday for the past 4 weeks, and will continue buying all the way down until it fails or recovers. I know buying it on the way down is the only way to get it cheap, once it takes a turn to go up, the rise could be very fast and aggressive, and I will be smiling. 40%of the 45,000 steem I have now was purchased back in June and July when it was 25 cents.

Same reason you buy Junior minors, easy in with huge potential. Huge Potential never comes without huge risk.

If it does it's not legal :)

Thanks for the reply. :)
Sharks would balk at that and walk away. They're not interested in penny stocks. They want a substantial stake in something they're confident is worth being a part of.

Anyone not interested in "penny stocks" aren't going to be interested in Steem. Nothing you can say to them until Steem is above a dollar... Ya know ?

I agree but would like to add: above a dollar and stabilized for quite a long period of time.

Oh, I see. Yeah, I'd agree with that assessment, but it's not what I was hoping for. Not the cryptocurrency, Steem. The site, Steemit. The company.

Ah, well then that is another matter all together. Nevermind, I don't know.


Anyone interested in the direction of Steemit and the reasons behind the constantly falling price of Steem, can read my article, which I posted yesterday: https://steemit.com/steem/@dek/summarized-explanation-for-the-falling-price-of-steem

Suppose , I'm someone like Tesla car manufacturer and I want to promote my product.
One way to do it is to pay for advertising campaign, best writers will be hired and whole internet would be full of articles about my product.
Yet another way to do it is to get enough SP to make 20$ upvote for every post mentioning my product. I bet the resultat would be whole Internet full of posts about my product, and those posts would be written by the same best writers )
Why I still don't consider to use option 2 is an interesting question indeed )

Steemit is the future of social media

Nothing like it has every existed before.
It's a community that inspires writers, thwarts plagiarism, respect your data and pays you for your content that you create for the site.

No problem, it was fun to try my pitch. This is good practice to learn how to talk to new people on the greatness of steemit :)

I would say: Place a "short" order... That thing is always losing value.

That would be a good play, but it's not really an investment in Steemit. Solid trading advice though.

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