<div class="pull-left">Lorem ipsum</div> Cannot be simplified because it is calling on a CSS stylesheet. For more information about using these divs effectively see How to Wordwrap Your Images Like a Boss.
I've included a template at the end.

Some really helpful tips there. Thanks.
You can do a simple line break with three asterisks. ***

There is another way to float an image. It seemed easier than the div pull command when I saw it. Maybe someday I'll see it again and write it down this time.

Have you figured a way to get links to show in your description of an image that's pulled left/right? I've tried different things, but the url always gets written out no matter what I try. But the only time I've done the "img src" command was when working with HTML.


<*img align="right" src="doc/subpagelist.png">

Makes it float, but doesn't seem to have "right" or "left" influence here.


without the < does the same thing. Can't find a way to make it stay to the right or left though.

Might be useful though. :P



I'm not sure what you mean by pull left?

like this
Like when you want an image to post to the right or left of the text.

You would have to use tables I think. It is in the Markdown Cheatsheet - I haven't tested it myself because I have never had the need to use it. Let me know if you try it and if it works or not.

I don't know much about coding, so just find what I can to make it happen. But I did recently run across a way to do it in Markdown. I was in a rush and failed to make a note. Of course, we always remember everything when we're rushing, right? Sigh...

I think it might have been using the tables function. Hopefully someone will mention it again:)

Well, it worked in my reply above. But it's a little clunky. I saw somewhere that there's an easier way, but I didn't write it down or save it. Here's how I'm doing it now.

OK thanks for the link will check it out when I have a moment:)

Edit OK cool it looks like it is just CSS rather than a Markdown implementation.