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RE: Steemit Markdown Basics for Beginners

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<div class="pull-left">Lorem ipsum</div> Cannot be simplified because it is calling on a CSS stylesheet. For more information about using these divs effectively see How to Wordwrap Your Images Like a Boss.
I've included a template at the end.


Some really helpful tips there. Thanks.
You can do a simple line break with three asterisks. ***

There is another way to float an image. It seemed easier than the div pull command when I saw it. Maybe someday I'll see it again and write it down this time.

Have you figured a way to get links to show in your description of an image that's pulled left/right? I've tried different things, but the url always gets written out no matter what I try. But the only time I've done the "img src" command was when working with HTML.


<*img align="right" src="doc/subpagelist.png">

Makes it float, but doesn't seem to have "right" or "left" influence here.


without the < does the same thing. Can't find a way to make it stay to the right or left though.

Might be useful though. :P