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[Global ad network across millions of posts on each platform]
↙↙↙ ↘↘↘
[Advertisers with gigantic fiat budgets BUY STEEM/SBD to test]
↙↙↙ ↘↘↘
[STEEM/SBD spent is distributed across thousands of users]
↙↙↙ ↘↘↘
[People are finally paid for views of non-steemians and beyond 7 days]
↙↙↙ ↘↘↘
[Ad payments are pseudo-burned by landing in dead accounts]
↙↙↙ ↘↘↘
[Random viewers see the advertised product and buy it with fiat]
↙↙↙ ↘↘↘
[Advertiser gains huge ROI from low competition and low crypto prices]
↙↙↙ ↘↘↘
[Advertiser diverts a larger percentage of budget into STEEM/SBD]
↙↙↙ ↘↘↘
[More money is flowing into STEEM/SBD and the price rises]
↙↙↙ ↘↘↘
[Everyone wins and it accelerates as more people catch on and BUY STEEM/SBD FOR ADVERTISEMENTS]
↙↙↙ ↘↘↘
{STEEM climbs in price constantly forever. GG}


[...Google ad network...]
[Advertisers with gigantic fiat budgets continue paying Google]
[Google gets paid in fiat, customer pays in fiat, NOBODY BUYS STEEM]
[Google wins again, and fiat is your God]


I'll just keep giving Google and FB infinite money I guess.
Quora Ads. Pinterest Ads. Reddit Ads.
@ned plz



Steeminc gets fiat to keep the lights on. But yeah, I'd prefer promoted posts became a thing again.

I dont think reality is like you discribed, because there are first Companys buying Steem because they want to advertise.
for example there are a lot of Contest and they are advertising, but not the regulare banner-advertising. or what about dclick?

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Enjoy your day and stay creative!
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lmao, gotta work on the tts symbols:
↙↙↙ ↘↘↘
"downleftarrowdownleftarrowdownleftarrow downrightarrowdownrightarrowdownrightarrow"

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