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RE: How To Build A Following Of 160k From Scratch

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Thanks for all the tips and advice, @allasyummyfood! Definitely agree with adding value, for two weeks would be posting stuff I would normally post on regular social media, like links to youtube clips, and be getting 0 cents! Haha. But then in the past week had developed and released a few useful apps and tools and started getting noticed! Building connections with other Steemians through replies to their comments and chat messages, very fun! Anyway, I wish you success on these Steemit goals!


thank you so much, yes its hard work and i think it gets noticed!

Great recipe allasyummyfood(73) Can almost taste your commitment and your sincerity. This is what the world is lacking: sincere commitment to the advancement of all. Karl Marx was on the right track but he got it a little wrong. His recipe invited corruption and greed. This forum could very well refine that which he envisioned and lead us to the place where we all would appreciate to be, allowing all to find their own utopian levels without the pressures of the dictated status quo. Thanks allasyummyfood.

Thanks for your hard work. Through your writing I see we can write about something special to us. At first I thought this was only a bitecoin blog but i see it is a real community.

great and nice of you we can do well, why we do follow eachother to help and get great business

you are great i follow you so you can follow me as well

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