Totally agree very interesting

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Great post with helpful info for a newbie. 😉

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great post, have learnt a lot from it

absolute;y helpful post, thank you

I love how @allasyummyfood related the steemit community to more popular platforms that we're already use to using. Favorite highlights are 1. Pick something you WANT to be talking about a year later or more, so you can really become expert AND your followers have a reason to EXPECT you to be expert 2. Try to reply a lot. I think part of becoming expert is finding out what questions your community is asking most, and what is missing from your answers 3. The use of graphics is brilliant 4. The performance indicators chart is a great way to be specifically motivated, instead of walking vaguely toward your goal

Really agree with you thankful here to view this post i love this post very helpful and inspiring to a newbie like me.great job! More power i am one of your new follower thank you.

Yes.Great article.Everyone should read this information..

Nice post. This post is a starting point. Thanks for helping the community.

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