Steem Basic Income - Giving away 1 FREE SHARE!!! - CONTEST #3 — Steemit

Steem Basic Income - Giving away 1 FREE SHARE!!! - CONTEST #3

in steemit •  4 months ago

Congratulations to the winner of the previous contest! =)

This is your next chance to win another free share for @steembasicincome project. You can find more information about the project on their FAQ post.

Here are the rules to this contest:
Resteem - 10 points
Upvote - 5 points
Comment - 2 point
New Follow - 1 point (as of Aug. 11, 2018)

I'll do a weighted random selection for people who upvote, comment, resteem or simply follows me at the end of this contest.

For example, if you got 15 points by resteeming and upvoting, you would be 3 times more likely to win my nomination, compared to someone who got 5 points from an upvote.

I'll keep this contest running until I have enough STEEM to purchase a new share.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thanks for running this contest!


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Ive upvote and resteem your post.
I will like to put in a suggestion, why dont you make a very good informative and productive post then put this offer at the end, it will boost your reward and visibility, resteeming a contest that has no info ends up flooding the steemit page.
I hope am not disqualified while doing this.



It's a great idea. But I don't think I have much time to put into "very good informative and productive post". Also I'm not sure what would constitute to that. =)

If I have some extra time I really would like to start writing short posts about my vision of the future. I'm a big fun of new technologies and futurism.

I did all tasks..lets see..

Alright, I'm in I'm starting to like SBI contests, my 3rd one ends tonight. I'll try to have the new one up tomorrow evening.

Participating, to try your luck.

thanks for the contest!

I like what you do, I hope to win.


I have done all,18 points.i wish i could get this.i am new in steemit.i want your support

Just a thought, since you are adding weight to the different tasks, you should consider adding weight to the size of the upvote as well.

Hi @alkasai. I’m curious, what sort of coding do you do?


I chose not to do any coding, just copy paste into excel and do a quick analysis. You can see the results here
I might consider code it in some time in the future.


Also I don't think it's fair to weight in the size of upvote. I want to give an opportunity to people that are new to steemit or need some help to pick up some steam.

The point of BI is not to make rich people richer, but provide a floor for everyone. IMO.


I may be being presumptuous here, but does @mellofello mean that someone who gives a 100% upvote, should perhaps be weighted more heavily than someone who gives you a 1% upvote?


Thanks for the mention @sparkesy43. Somehow I missed @alkasai replies and didn't see these remarks until now. @alkasai you are absolutely correct that the amount of the upvote should not carry weight because SBI is for newbies, so all newbies are forced to give 100% votes since they do not have sliders yet. My comment does apply to folks with sliders who only give you a 1% vote, for example, should get weighted less. Just a thought. It's you contest and you run it as you see fit. Thanks for hosting and thanks for point it out @sparkesy43.


that's a very good point. thank you @sparkesy43 & @mellofello. i'm a newbie myself, so still learning.
the question is, how do i easily detect the % for each upvote?


I would use

Under 'Recent Post' tab, expand your post detail and select the 'Votes' tab.



Ah, this is cool! Seems very handy! Thank you!


Yeah, this is a very good tool for almost all your needs. And the best part is it is free, so please support SteemChiller to help keep it free.

Tasks complete, now the hard part :)

I hope I will be lucky

I'm in! It would be cool to win...

Congrats to the last winner! Sign me up for this one!


Good luck!

Nice one

Cool contest!

Will give it a try!

Thanks for hosting this!

PS: feel free to take part in ma regular SBI raffles!

I've done everything.
I'm your follower from now on.



Alright I will give this a go. Thanks for running this.


No problem. I'm enjoying it myself. Good luck!

Very interesting contest, thanks for a chance at a share of SBI. 👍👍

I am not real good at math.

Saw your contest from @steembasicincome. Thanks for the opportunity!

I think I'm late, though, resteem and upvote.

Thank you everyone for participating. I will announce a winner soon.

This is great! Thanks for the contest.. this is a cool way getting SBI..

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