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So I've been here for about 3 months now and I've gone from not knowing what I was doing to knowing I don't really know what I'm doing.
At the start posts could get large rewards and I quickly racked up over 200 steem dollars and saw my steempower rise...

that was in the old days, before the Empire.

Wait, no that's Star Wars.

Anyway with less rewards for votes I took my steem dollars and turned them to steem and then powered up, on all accounts thats the smart move, invest while the price is low. Also my posts just give direct steem power as rewards as again I'm told thats the smart move.

Well when it comes to the fishy levels of steemit I've no idea when I will level up. I treat steemit like a game and my steem power is there so I can level up and get better armour. I really should ask what the levels are for minnows, dolphins and whales one day,

Wait I just did.

So distractions and wandering words aside I've just broke the 4,000 steem power barrier and my curation rewards are going up, nothing amazing but $8 over the last week is a nice bonus. I've also got the basis in for a few new friendships as names start to stand out from my follow list and I find myself facepalming less than I do on Facebook at posts in general. I've read some great posts and even managed political discusion without the playground mentality often found online.

So with the end of the world 1 day closer than it was yesterday and still not in possession of a hitchhiker ring to go out into the wider universe here I am growing my little account and waiting to see what armour I can upgrade to next. The long term aim is to buy a Darth Vader cosplay outfit I sometimes wear for events, yep the one in the picture.

I mean who wouldn't want to be Darth Vader, to wear it to drop your kids off at school and do the weekly shop in? I mean how much cooler would shopping be if you met Darth Vader in the frozen food aisle?

Well that's me, still on steemit after 3 months and into the future as I work at earning enough to live my dream of being Darth Vader.

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I wonder what @lordvader would think of your costume. Do you think he would approve?


I think so, I scoured the universe to find items he had misplaced, although how he manages to fly a Tie-fighter in that helmet is beyond me, you can't see crap out of it.

tip of the hat to you.
4k in 3 months ain't half bad.
neither is 62 rep.


thanks, converting the steem dollers helped boost the SP


Same as me
almost everything I make get's re invested.

I feel you, i feel you.
At the end of the day, you can only reach your destiny if you keep moving forwards.
May the force be with you!!

Congrats looks like you managed to do things the right way so far. That new suit wont be to hard to get one day soon if you keep those rates up.


thanks, I hope so, looking forward to getting the suit :)

Thanks for upvoting my post. Upvoted.

I dare you to go shopping in the DV costume and take a selfie!


If i get to buy the outfit I'd be doing a daily Darth post.

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congratulations on 3 months here!
I wrote a steemit guide to understanding your wallet a while ago. Here's the link It explains your "level" according to how many vests you have :)
ps - I can't wait to see your DV posts too. Hubby and I want to save for T-Rex costumes and a tandem bicycle. LOL


Love the T-Rex outfits, that could be a second aim for me

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