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You can earn a few votes and extra sbd with this trick after posting.

First of all I want to make clear that this trick I am going to share is original and my own and I have not read it anywhere, and it is based on the observation and experience in Steemit.

If someone else has published something like that I do not know, in fact it is very easy to be so, because I will not discover the wheel with what I will share here, but if someone serves and interests you, welcome.

I will comment on how I do the posts and how I came to discover it.

How to post.

I am a person that I like to do things well and as more than one of you will have happened, just after posting, rereading as the post has been we see that we have made some mistake, such as:

And when I discover the / errors, depending on the importance, one can consider editing them or letting them pass .. well I try not to miss any, so it is common to post-edit a post (never better, hehe) several times to leave it well.

And what does this have to do with winning votes?

You will be wondering what this bug roll is for when the title of the post goes to get votes and sbd ..

So the interesting part comes now, because when editing the post I observed a curious thing:
The posts I had to edit several times got more votes than those I wrote in one go.
And I asked myself:

What is this about?

Well, because it seems that every time we publish our post and we publish it again, we are making the post appear at the top of the steemit post feed.
In this way, it appears as a post just published to many more people than if we post it and let it be.

How to use this trick.

In the end I finished modifying the way I do my posts, so I do a first basic version of what I am going to post and I publish it, and then I make editions adding the content I want until I finish it.

In the end it takes the same time to post it because I'm checking and correcting the possible errors in each edition, but I upload it several times in the stream which helps me to collect some extra votes giving the opportunity to see the post to more people and therefore receive more sbd.

Misuse of this trick

What I am not saying here is that you are permanently editing your posts to make them upload and to be more visible.
That can get tiresome and your subscribers do not see it with good eyes, so do not do it.

What if I think it can be done without problem, is if you have a post from a few days ago about a news that has changed or new information has appeared, or there is a change or update of dates, data, etc., you can take advantage to edit it and so with the edition you will have the post again at the top of the list.

This is all, please tell me what you think and if someone has observed this same too.

I hope you liked and helped this post, if so, you help me a lot to continue contributing by voting, sharing and following me. Thank you and be happy! :)


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interesting. I am sure I have been guilty of this a few times because no matter how many times i re-read my posts it seems a mistake or two get through to the finished product anyway. I would say that I end up editing my posts at least a couple times in the first few days (after I have published them.)

I think that if we were doing this intentionally it might irritate some readers, but for the most part I don't think anyone really cares. I don't think this tactic has any effect on a persons "Feed." But this is an interesting approach. cheers.

So it is friend, it would not be of total pleasure

@adrianav you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

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