Earning Passive Income Through SmartSteem/SmartMarket.

in steemit •  9 months ago

I’m willing to bet that 98.99% of you upvote your posts 100% of the time. Some of you likely vote your own comments as well. The Steemit platform is rife with all the rampant self-voting and I’m no exception to the rule.

I too have been a prolific self-voter. If you look HERE, you can see that I vote my own posts 8.6% of the time. Shamefully, that figure used to be around 24% If you enter your own username in the text box, I bet you’d be seeing self-voting at around 25%

By now you’re probably asking, why is yours low?

It’s low because I’ve decided not to self-vote and instead distribute my votes towards my favorite content creators. I'm not saying voting for yourself is bad, you're more than welcome to use your votes on yourself as you see fit, it's your investment - I self-vote (used to) and buy votes from bots for visibility.

But what about profit? Isn’t the whole purpose of being here to make a profit?

Of course, I’m here to make a profit (and so are you) but I’m also here to help grow the platform so that everyone in the community benefits. I know most of you are only familiar with generating income through voting bots and self-voting. But what if I told you there’s a better way? One that lets you shed the shame of self-voting.

That’s where SmartSteem comes in. Instead of keeping SP for myself and self-voting, I delegated 3,700 SP to the bot which allows me to earn roughly 3 – 4.5 SBD a day (as of today's Steem/SBD value). With so little SP left after delegating to SmartSteem, there is little left for me to gain from self-voting and I would rather spend that voting power for quality content that’s not getting any traction.

You’re probably wondering by now if I’m losing profit. I’m happy to report that it’s quite the opposite. By delegating my SP, I get roughly, if not slightly more profit than I would have gained voting for my own posts. I also get the added benefit of shedding the shame of self-voting.

There’s only one negative that I can see with the delegation and that’s the 7-day waiting/cooldown period to get your SP back when you do decide to take it back – It’s done this way to prevent abuse.

What if I don’t want to delegate?

If handing your hard-earned SP to a bot is not your thing, you can sell your votes to SmartMarket instead. SmartMarket is another service offered by the SmartSteem folks. If you look at my wallet, you’ll see that I use this bot a LOT – It’s one of the best, if not the best, both on Steemit. It gives INSTANT upvote – that means if you buy the votes as soon as you post your content, you get more of the curation rewards. This feature alone makes it way better than bid bots where you’re almost guaranteed to lose profit.

What about MinnowBooster, isn’t it the same thing?

Well, yes but I still take SmartSteem/SmartMarket over it because of the extra benefits. SmartMarket has a vetted system where you can choose what level of quality posts your votes are being sold to, so you can rest easy you’re not randomly voting on spammy posts. There’s also a cashback incentive where you get some money back if you buy votes from the bot in combination of selling your votes.

The dude behind SmartSteem is @therealwolf - who is now a witness (I voted for him). You can just tell that he’s passionate about Steemit by reading some of his posts. I’ve been very happy with his product so that’s why I’m talking about here – and I also don’t recommend using anything until I myself have gotten my feet wet.

Well, my feet are wet

If Steem/SBD stays its course, I would be making a $600/month passive income on 3,700 SBD delegation.

Not bad eh?

Here’s how you join.

1. Go to SmarSteem.com

2. Click on "Login"


3. Use Steem Connect to Connect your Steemit Account. It will ask for your Steemit username and password or posting key. Enter those.


4. Once you're in, read the FAQ section. It should have everything you need to use service.


You may also want to consider being Whitelisted on the system. That way you can be sure you can get the most out votes if you want to use the bot to boost your posts.

Would you use SmartSteeem?

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I liked smartmarket better. Nice post to learn about smartsteem and smartmarket

Amazing post @adonisabril. Appreciate your support!

It's also important to note that transfers to @smartsteem, will result in a bid to the bid-bot and transfers to @smartmarket will result in votes with a fixed value.



Great job, @therealwolf. I have tried SmartSteem , and I like it. I especially like the white listing idea.
However, I have noticed that the process takes too long and that there are so many people in the pending list. What is the problem?


Too many people applying and there's not enough reviewers.


Then, maybe they should ask for help. The white listing feature is what distinguishes SmartSteem.


Keep the fire going :)

Ahh nice, didn't know they existed, I wonder if these bots are good for Steem's ecosystem

I stopped self voting all together. I'd rather give my tiny vote to others if I can. One day i'll have enough to delegate big sums like that :)


Once I saw that I was self-voting 1/4th of the time, I had to find another way lol


Is it worth doing with even tiny SP?


You will get paid SBD/Steem so yeah.


I don't post enough to benefit from self-voting and I don't upvote my comments, lol!!! I don't understand how delegation leads to more rewards tho. The one receiving the delegation gets the rewards from what I understand, so not likin' that.


You get paid 95% of the profit from the bot. Straight to your wallet.

Thank you, @adonisabril for the inspiring experience. Yet, do you see a big difference between self voting and selling your vote?!
Selling your votes seems to be self voting in disguise.
Of course, delegation to curation projects like @Curie is different. Doing that would really be beneficial to the whole platform.


I delegate to #travelfeed and I manually vote content as well...but wait, you're saying delegate all my SP and get nothing in return? Hate to break it to you but I'm here to grow my account, I'm not some whale with a million to spare and this is Platform is an "investment" platform. People are here to make money. I put my time in writing, taking photos flying halfway around the world. I produce content that I believe also benefit the platform. Do you have any idea how disheartening it is to write 1000 word essay with photos I labored to get and only get 2 cents? No? You gotta do what you gotta do without actually cheating the system - just look at all the drama going on on the trending pages.


I am not judging. I'm partly for the money too. What I'm trying to say is that we need a better way to earn money than self voting and vote selling.
Maybe, the white listing idea is a good solution, because it guarantees that your vote only goes to real content creators not abusers. Unfortunately, the review process is taking too long making it not so effective.

just look at all the drama going on on the trending pages.

Yes. I agree. It's terrible. The way it is happening makes the trending page useless. I mean you don't know if the post that made it there was really good or not.

Thank you for making this easy to understand. I have been slowly dipping my little toe in the water when it comes to the "bots" on Steemit, and this has helped me to finally understand and make some sense (hopefully "cents" too). Stupid joke, sorry for that LOL


As long as it's makin cents to you it's all good :)

Great post with a great suggestion @adonisabril.

Yeah, exactly, you did a great job by stopping your self voting. I've used Smartmarket a couple of times for voting. I like their service because they give good ROI by upvoting but never knew that they also accept delegation.

I know about Minnowbooster and their services, It is good to know about Smartsteem/smartmarket service of delegation.

By the way, It looks good that you're helping steemians quality contents and also earning some profit.


The way it should be on Steemit :)


Yeah, you're right.

I was really hoping you'd self-vote this post


How about I upvote your comment and lead by example?


Even better! I'm working on getting that SP up so that my vote will mean something to you someday.

This is great I've been meaning they find the time to learn about smart Market so I like the recommendation and the introduction

Up until recently my vote wasn't worth too much but for the record I still don't care if people self vote as long as they keep some voting power to reward those that interact with them. And for that matter hopefully those that delegate don't delegate it all because they need voting power to interact with those that interact with them otherwise it's worse than the self voter perhaps


If you invest in Steem you can do whatever you want with it, self-vote or otherwise. But the whole point of the platform is engagement. More engagement more growth. Everyone benefits.



i was pretty ashamed just now. mine is at 39%. NO MORE.


Sorry. i have only been here a month. i am going to write it off as a rookie mistake and strive to be a better steemian.


LOL, no worries. There's really nothing wrong with self-voting. Everyone does it! Anybody out there on the trending pages is definitely self-voting.


i am down to 29.4% today. i feel a little better now i guess

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I think this is something worth considering only after you have gathered some SP in situations like mine where I only have i find it as useless as self voting


If you use your votes on somebody else, that person is likely to vote you back too.


that's true, as a photographer i check the new posts under #photography daily to check for new quality photos

I have a question is it better to use steemvoter or smartsteem, or both?

I have steemvoter setup already and have just now, because of your post added some delegation to smartsteem, just wondered if that was the right thing to do?

Thank you for the information,
forgive my ignorance if the questions above seem silly.


There's no harm in using both, in fact, they stack up. Just keep an eye on your voting power and make sure it doesn't go down below 70% https://steemnow.com/@michaeljn


Thank you for the input/advise :-) really appreciate it.
Best of luck with your steeming ventures.

Smartsteem and the smartmarket are Awesome! I've been using smartsteem for a little over a week now, with great rewards! In my opinion this is the best bot to use! I don't really care for minnow booster as much! Great post, and very cool of you to pass this info along to other people that are new to the steemit platform! Great job man..

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it's me. as a new comer in steemit i use to vote my self. but now i start to not vote my self again. thank you for sharing brother. i upvote and resteem this post. @adonisabril

I usually always upvote my post from the start. That way i dont have to see that miserable zero at least if im not getting any upvotes haha. I am convinced that my content deserves it. As im holding only 39SP, delegation is not an option for me and selling votes would give me yeah very little amount daily. I usually dont want my voting power to dip below 75% and i want to share these votes daily for people who deserve it.To you for example. Their upvote service looks interesting tho.


What you can do is sell your upvotes and then use the money you get to buy upvotes on SmartMarket. But yeah, 39SP might be a little low. Just to note, I put in my own hard earned money and it more than tripled by being involved and active on the platform.


This is an idea yes, thanx for recommendation. On the second day in steemit i invested 200usd to steem power to get my vote worth at least 0.01. Maybe in the future im gonna send my other investments in crypto over to SP. Just maybe :D

once i start to get the hang of steem, boom. more info. :)

Thanks for the information I'm going start using it and see if it works for me

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Stop self voting now.

Didn't understand it the first time so re-read as I am new on this platform.

I have bookmarked this to read again once I have my account set up and I have my Feet Wet :-)

Thanks again

Thanks for the insightful post

Very interesting post... thank you!

I am using smartsteem too...


Have you ever heard about the cryptocurreny BRO?

You can earn this while listening to more than 30.000 different webradio stations.

Check this out:


I learn something here.
But @smartsteem did not upvote this post yet.


SmartMarket did :)

I only have 150 steem power, what should I do ? delegate or keep building up more steem power?


Just sell the votes and continue building, you don't have to delegate at this point...If you delegate too much you will have bandwidth issues.

Great post.

But personally, I really like it that my vote was used to upvote this post.... and without me doing anything.... and I got SBD for it too!!! Genius, if you ask me😆. Guess I can still resteem though😀


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Thanks for the guide. Not enough power to delegate myself but signed up to sell votes especially since I'm not on everyday to vote for stuff. Might as well spread it around and earn a bit too.


You don't have to delegate, you can control your sold votes too.

Thanks for posting that. There are so many bots and schemes on Steemit that it's good to hear from people who really use them.

@adonisabril ...I delegated my SP to smartsteem a couple days ago and have yet to receive any earnings back. How often do the payments come? Isn't it automatic?

That's really a useful way to continue earning somehow, like for me, I can't spend much time on steemit, so by delegation, atleast passive income is confirmed.
Thanks @adonisabril

Thanks for this post. I'll have to do more research on delegating and stuff. Still learning.

I am guilty with self votes ahaha. I'll explore more to this. Thank you for the info @adonisabril

Thanks, I didn't know about those possibilities until now ! Wise analysis.

Thanks for sharing smm

I think, as long as one is still a plankton and hasn't become a minnow (SP=500), self voting is one of the major revenue generators on Steem. Otherwise, to get noticed is really difficult.

Though good analysis and I really enjoyed reading it.

Here's my 30 day chart:


I started as a plankton just 3 months ago. You really have to experiment and learn what works and what doesn't work. One thing is certain, you need to invest to get anywhere.

Yes, you are right

Wonderful article.

I only have 22 Steem Power so I can't really think about vote selling or delegating any SP yet but I dream of the day when my SP will be high enough to earn some passive income by delegating some of my power or selling my vote.

Passive income is the best type of income for lazy people lol. :D

what an amazing post, are your post benifts the new users on steemit, as You know that the new users has small vote power?
ALSO is this bot will vote just the content of the people you following ?


Yes and yes

What a great inspirational story! Thank you for sharing it with us!

SmartSteem is my favourite too.
Also, I checked and my self-voting is at 4.1% for 31 days!! Makes me feel real good 🤓



I've been using smartsteem for a little while now and can say its been wonderful! However I haven't personally tried to delegate my SP but it seems to really only be worth it if you already have a lot of SP. So unless you're a dolphin or a whale its not really worth the investment. A least thats been my conclusion thus far as a minnow but please correct me if I'm wrong. Thats just been my take away from it thus far.


I'm a minnow :) Delegating something like 1k SP is already worth it.

So you delegate 3,700 SBD or steem power?


You can only delegate SP.


Ok, I think somewhere in your post you said SP but then later you said SBD so I wanted to make sure. Thanks

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thanks for your guide, my steempower delegation is a disaster and now i can to fix, whit this tool

Joined the Smartsteem before seeing this post. Indeed a really competative vote service out there!

Interesting. I checked out smartsteem before and understood it in cursory terms, but this helps. 3700 steem power is quite a lot. There are a lot of users between the 50-300 range, is it worth it? Also, if many people just sell their votes and steem delegation, more and more posts go un-vpvoted unless they pay for them


Sell votes, convert earnings to steem. Rinse repeat.

This was awesome! I am not upvoting me at all, actually, in the last 31 days my self-votes represent 0.1%

I need some passive income as I am not making any active