WARNING: Don't use Poloniex at this time for your STEEM and SBD deposits

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Good day to all, Steemians!



while watching @exyle video in his latest blog post and at the end of the video he says that he sent some steem to poloniex and his deposit won't arrived at exchange until now and i am shocked after hearing this because poloniex is one the biggest exchange and many steemians using it for steem and sbd's transfer's so does i, then i decided to check it by myself and i transfer a little amount of SBD to polo to check whether deposits are working or not and shit man my deposit still not shown up at poloniex exchange, i also counter check my memo 3 times and it's perfectly fine so it looks like poloniex exchange again having problems with steem and sbd deposits although their is not any official announcement from them yet but we might see it soon, in my opinion don't try poloniex at this time and use other exchanges for your steem or sbd transfers.

Here is the screen shot of my transfer


Here is the screen shot of my SBD wallet at poloniex exchange.


I also check my tx at block explorer and my tx looks fine so there is defiantly a problem at poloniex end might be some broken script or a bug or else, i also put support ticket but no response from them as usual, i think it will be much more painful if someone sent big amount and end up not shown at exchange, so it's far better use alternate exchanges and not try poloniex at this time.

Thank you very much for reading, have a nice day.


I also experienced this. friend
I sent some steems to poloniex but have not been visible

You do not want to face the wrath of my bunghole!!

very useful news, thank you for notifying. best regards from me @fakriadi. I like and follow you. follow back, thanks

I think its best not to use poloniex at all, honestly.

Thanks for the addition my friend.

great information but i don't have SBD

Don't sent steem either to poloniex otherwise you ends up having no steem too.

thanks for updating about polonex

You are welcome.

thank you for the warning!

I just tried to deposit to bittrex and it has not shown up yet either. so not sure whats going on but hopefully havent lost my sbd.

useful post thanks

well post 👍👍👍

Thanks so much for warning us! But, it's too late for me..... I transferred my Steem to Poloniex since yesterday, and no money in my wallet until now! It's just announced officially today that it's under maintenance.... Oh!!! No!!!

This morning, I transferred my SBD through Blocktrades and it worked very well. Thanks so much for teaching me how to sign up at Blocktrades in your previous post. ;)

oh no, i post my experience regarding poloniex two day ago but i think you found it little late but don't worry poloniex is trying to fixing now their broken wallet and i hope you will get your funds soon in the mean time just use blocktrades.us.

Um! From my experience, it would take at least one week until they can solve the problem. At that time, I was luckier because I read my friend's article warning that Poloniex cannot usable...so, I decided to exchange my money via other site...

I already used blocktrades.us. It worked very well and really fast! Thanks for your recommendation! ;)

Plenty of cryptocurrency traders are not too amused with Poloniex right now. This popular altcoin exchange suffered from several brief outages yesterday. And if these problems continue, Poloniex will quickly lose its market position.
What will happen to the people who lost money? ohhhh

Thanks for the nice comment my friend, well my deposit still not arrived at the exchange, i also open an support ticket yesterday, but don't receive any response from them, i think we have no other option left then to wait.

Yep, I'm suffering the same raw deal right now. I feel your pain.

Thank you very much for your kind response.

And no chance for a good arbitrage now :(

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what is the alternative ?

Seems like alot of people are facing this issue currently.

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