Vlog 152: I'm going to sit on my Steempower for years to come.

in dtube •  11 months ago

Sometimes I have to look for subjects for my vlog but this morning it wasn't that tough.

When I checked my phone at 3am last night I had trouble getting back to sleep I can tell you that.

STEEM was over $2!

This morning it has come down a bit to $1.80 but you don't hear me complain :)

The SBD might be even crazier. It has a value of $5.70 at the moment.

I have been trying to find reasons why this might be happening and found a few good ones but my favorite one is cryptokitties.

Cryptokitties are so popular that they are putting a huge strain on the Ethereum network making it slow.

The reason is that the Ethereum network can't scale well. They might be able to handle this in 2 years. ethereum-will-have-visa-scale-transaction-capacity-in-2-years. But not now.

In the meantime, people will realize that scaling is actually very important for a blockchain to function and as luck would have it STEEM can do it very well already. Also, the Steem blockchain has no fees and 3-second block times.

But wait there is more.

In the beginning of 2018, we will get Smart Media Tokens. Everyone will then be able to make a token on the Steem blockchain and use as they see fit with all the benefits the Steem blockchain has to offer.

This is my favorite reason for the price increase.

Whether it's true or not I'm not sure.

What I am sure of is that I'm going to sit on my Steempower for years to come. Like I have done since July 2016.

I have recently become a witness with our developer group blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

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You skills at vlogging are becoming better and better. Great listen this morning. My Dad and I listened to you while sipping coffee at the kitchen table just now. Great times!!


Thank you! That's so cool of you to say. And congrats to you too on the Steem rise.


I don't know how you do it? I post but seem to have no exposure.


That's because @exyle has been here awhile. He has over 5600 posts. You have 21. You just have to keep posting and commenting.

They’ll have to pry my Steem Power out of my cold, dead fingers.

I heard someone sayoing they pump sbd to get price of steem up because it is cheaper to pump sbd then steem. Also heard from that guy that sbd is likely to go to 10$. crazy right :)

I just sold some SBD on Bittrex at $5.88, madness! Shame I only had 3 SBD in my wallet. Good news on the STEEM price too, strange how it suddenly jumps up like you said. It's very volatile when it's in an uptrend

I have to opposite problem I have too many things I want to write about but dont have the time, steem was back over $2 again @exyle and the other night I saw SBD jump all the way to an incredible $6.72 sitting at 6.50 now. Yes I hear the value of steem will go up as new tokens are created hope its true.

I will be doing the same @exyle, Steem is an amazing blockchain. Merry Christmas - enjoy the holidays.


It's the best blockchain I know and Merry Christmas to you too, man!

Damn!!! 5.48 for SBD ???
We are finally rolling and people will start understanding the advantage of the STEEM Blockchain. I never powered down. It’s fine I don’t have SBD. I got some “power” MEOW!


I never powered down either. And I won't for a long time.


Do you recommend powering up now or holding what little SBD I have earned? I am struggling to understand the dynamics of the 2 currencies but I will continue reading great articles like yours to figure it out. Thanks


Great post

I am so happy in the morning when I had come through @firepower post, yes sbd was at $7 he had written. Thank god finally we have some good things, I will happiest when steem touch the level $10.Thanks for sharing such a valuable information my dear friend, happy steeming.

On me there is the impression that a few people are manipulating the SBD price to gain more Steem and make profit..
Maybe I'm totally wrong but I can't imagine normal people would buy SBD for this price. There must be something wrong..

But I don't care too much. For me it is important that the steem price will grow in long term. Everything different is secondary :)

Hey mate! I just came across from YouTube and started out on dTube and I'm interested in creating a video on Steemit which I'll broadcast to my 75,000 YouTube subs. Would you be interested in collaborating?


self voted for visibility, let me know :)


Let me know what you have in mind. You can find me here. https://steemit.chat/

Sitting on it is good. In the future we will all be Kings who were there from the start! :0D


I hope so man!

Excellent video and nice information my friend, well i really like the very cute concept behind cryptokitties and at last we see a crypto game building on top of blockchain but sadly eth blockhain starting to see a scaling problem and that's where steem gains huge edge over other chains and i agree with your point the rumor of SMT's launch is impacting the price and inserting a huge buying pressure on exchanges and it's great for all the steemians as they are getting good rewards for their work and my friend i am also going to hold steem as much as i can and i am sure this coin has the potential to beat the ETH, thanks for sharing very nice information with us, Stay awesome

I don't think I'll power down for a long time. It is apparent now how valuable it is to hold Steem tokens. It's just a matter of time before Steem follows the lead of SBD and goes up.

Well written. This post reminds me that Steemit is not just a social log or intellectual platform, but an investment as well.. Gave you one witness vote as well...best of luck.


but an investment as well..

It sure is!


yeah totally, love the concept :) I guess that's the reason why we are so early here! :)

@exyle nice post, i think a good person is someone who benefits others. so after reading your posts then my insight is growing and arise the sense of want to try as you,good job friend still be the best.

Great vid, @exyle. I don't normally burn the data to watch videos on Steemit (I prefer to save it for upcoming Marvel movie trailers 😀) but I'm glad I did in this case. Good video narrated with confidence and relaxation in front of the camera 👌

Then there's the whole insanity with how SBD is skyrocketing. @acidyo had a post that explained a likely reason for this (South Korea is going in big-time on all things Steem) which makes a bit more sense than some of my theories on the subject (which I posted about haha, much good may it do)

It's an exciting time to be a Steemian, that's for sure 👍

I want to make you a cushion that says "STEEMPOWER" on it so you can actually physically sit on Steempower too.

I didnt realise any of that... Thanks for the info, you have my upvote and witness vote.


Thank so much for your vote for our witness.

seeing sbd at that price has me like WOW. kinda of amazing, if i had SBD right now i would be buying STEEM like crazy.


It's crazy at the moment. So much fun :)

And I am sitting right next to you on my Steempower! Might as well grab some coffee to go with it because I think we'll sit there for a while!

That's where I am right now. I will sit on my steem for the foreseeable future. I never plan for more than 5 years in the future because we don't know what the future holds for us.

The SBD situation was insane and I was trying to do arbitrage trades between HitBTC, Bittrex, and Poloniex. I totally got screwed by Poloniex and HitBTC...... grrrrrrrr


I have SBD 'hanging'on the way to POLO too.

haha man i know exactly what you mean about checking the phone in the middle of the night and getting that adrenaline rush lmao. takes you right out of your sleep and makes it absolutely impossible to go back to sleep lol. but man congrats on your steem power and vlogging skills! thats an insane accomplishment!!!one of my ultimate goals here on steemit is to be a great vlogger. its something i think i can do fairly well and i love interacting with fellow steemians on such a personal level. you seem to have mastered it :) i used to vlog on youtube but i discovered steemit and then my attention went elsewhere haha. Anyway i just want to thankyou for being such a big influence for me here in steemit. ive followed you since the start of my journey here 4 months ago and youve definitely helped keep my fire alive. As an artist,musician and vlogger sometimes i think i should choose one nische and stick to it but other times i think its okay to do everything.. maybe you can share some insight with me on the subject? anyway enjoy your day/night! hopefully we can connect brother.


Thank you so much for your words. It took me some time to find blogging direction. Now I mostly write/vlog about crypto, grilling/cooking and life stories.

prices will go to the moon once more crypto users arrive next year

Not selling will pay big time in the long run

Finally steem getting real some attention :) I'll be truly celebrating once it reaches $10


yeah... that would be awesome :)

Yes, the recent SBD price is surprising to say the least. Not to mention the whole bitcoin price which is completely nuts.

Yes, its been a ride. Resteemed!

I also plan to do the same i.e. keep my steempower for years :)

Why is the price of SBD higher than Steem?

The community is developing and people will start understanding the advantage of the STEEM Blockchain.Thank you!

@exyle I am right there with you too. I am sitting on my STEEMPOWER for a Long Time.....................

Glad to say this is my first Steemit experience. Vey informative and exciting!

I'm gonna start posting stuff on dtube and steemit now, too. I believe steem and these social networks will turn into something big.

I can,t be so happier with the prices @exyle especially with the Smart Media Tokens that will really revolutionize earnings for people.

Wow, I really love this @exyle
I also have being asked some of my, steemit friends, about the sudden rise of sbd, but no good reason from them. But with what you just said about the prise rise of the sbd might be the cause too.

Great news. I think this is only the beginning of growth. And we will have too, that with bitcoin. Everyone will wait for the price reduction, and we will grow.

@exyle - Sir you answered all my un-answered questions... Now I got the reason.... Let's enjoy this price up & I hope SBD will touch $10 USD level soon....

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

The moment when the steem dollar doing better than steem.. Oh well! Great to see both doing great again!

You make me inspired in everyday when i seeing your every post i can't stay still, it's the better info dear,$5.70 what an excellent rule, @exyle

wow, 1 SBD = 5,48 dollar
oh no, Will the price be raising higher, sir?

goodyour post

great post like it and upvoted!

i too will not start to holding it in my account and try to build that up

Really good job bro carry on thanks i like this post and your all is very important and helpful thanks

collecting at low prices and storing is the best option to do so and waiting it to grow slowly and steadily

hi there, logging your vlogs, i vlog too, goodluck to you

seems like the time is finally here where we will see the great lift off

Really happy for you man. You're really legendary in having so many vlogs done on dtube. Paved the way for all of us starting out. Thanks for starting and continuing :)

wow, your growth is impressive, I also want to grow like this, I have a long way to go, but someday I will make it.

here supporting you as always

I didn't know about that, thanks for the information

serious matter..... nice post. thanks for posting

Very encouraging to hear, @exyle I'm new, here (around few weeks) and have made a small investment in Steem -besides my large time investment on Steemit. Instinctively, I moved all I own into Steempower. Good to know that you/research suggests this is the way to go =)

Will continue to post my reflections and poetry in hopes that this, too, will add value to the community. Cheers, Yahia

Whats your plan? I don't have much right now but essentially my goal is to one day have enough Steem Power to put a down payment on a house one day. Then build it back up again.

Thanks for your post!

  • You said that scaling is the most important aspect of a blockchain, which is hard to disagree with. But what about decentralization? I thought that was the most important thing?
  • Won't we see an improvement in scaling with cryptos like btc because more of them will start to exist and share the load, like ltc? Or does Steem have such an advantage that it could stay on top if conditions with other cryptos improve?

Those two reasons are really useful to understand the current STEEM market! One more thing, I don't think it will end here! If I am not mistaken STEEM and SBD will rise more and the future of our true believe will be bright then! Thanks for sharing such great article with us friend!


its crazy to see the prices like this i had never imagined this day can come too

we're sooner or later rolling and those will begin understanding the advantage of the STEEM Blockchain. I never powered down. It’s high-quality I don’t have SBD. I were given a few “power” MEOW!

What does Smart Media Tokens? English is my second language and I don't get it quite well :(

I simply bought a few SBD on Bittrex at $5.88, madness! disgrace I best had 3 SBD in my wallet. excellent news on the STEEM charge too, atypical the way it all of sudden jumps up such as you stated. it is very unstable while it's in an uptrend

damn!!! five.forty eight for SBD ???
we are sooner or later rolling and people will begin know-how the benefit of the STEEM Blockchain. I by no means powered down. It’s first-class I don’t have SBD. I were given some “power” MEOW!

great beginning to the 2018 for sure after seeing this jump all of a sudden

We also see the steem climb.
I do not know if we should keep one more than the other, I admit to being in the limelight today.
Can you still ride?
Do you have to resell to get on steem?
One thing is that we are at the beginning of some very big things, but what is the question of where to place it to make the most of it?

Yeah those high priced SBD are pretty exciting. I think SBD is being inflated because of low votes/payouts as Steemit user base increases. I'm an artist who used to get high paying posts. Not so much these days. The high sbd price really helps. Not sure if the inflation is a good thing though...

Thank you so much for giving such an information

Scalability and usability seems undervalued, and about to change. Interesting times.

Optimism can cook a stone. This is not even a metaphor. I am sticking to my sp big time too, hopefully, I will earn plenty before the end of 2018

Same here! It's all about patience.

SBD is really going high, Steem also I am interested how high they can go.. This is great post I like it, You have my follow and upvote :) I would love if you could check out my profile :D

i get the feeling it will be as high as ethereum if not high as bitcoin. I think you did a video on that but I'm not sure.

Its so cool to see posts making more, and upvotes being worth more. Thats the small scale on where I see it one. I just stepped in in september, when steemprice was around $1 the whole time, so for me at this moment, these are the first signs of victory!


yes it would be awesome if it stays like this or even gets higher, maybe I'll drag back all my friends who startd accounts and stopped posting now too

Let's hope SMT's will grew SBD.

@exyle Me too! The future of Steemit and the benefits will be great :) Best wishes to you always.

That is totally insane, just logged in my Steem account after 2 weeks and shocked to see the prices! Steem On!

I am new on Steem but definitely like to see your Vlog

I also deposited 6sbd to poloniex some 3 hours ago, and it still hasn't shown up on my poloniex balance. I wish i had known sooner......... I'm a little worried now. what's the best alternative to poloniex - can you suggest me please?


oh no :((( bittrex just worked for me as a heads up if you get more to move.


ya, i have opened a bittrex account and it has been working perfectly. i wonder if i'd get my 6SBD back :( - is there a possibility that i might lose the 6SBD that i had transferred to poloniex?


Depends if it’s just in system I will show up if you sent to the wrong address is gone. I stupidly just sent some gbg to golos wallet they are now gone 😭 thankgod it wasn’t that many


I have sent it to the right address, that's for sure

Sitting on steem is good it has future

i think we will have our own steemkitties with tokens and we will rule over the world with our speed:) steem to the moon

This is good information to have.

I saw that! I was so surprised!

Yes this may be the reason behind the SBD price surge. No fee and network congestion are the best things that make steem a better option.

i would to thank you for this post , it's very profesional

i would like to be among your folower, if you accept me of course

so you plan to invest more on this or only holding

Thanks for the insight. Steem is an investment and not just a social network. Really appreciate this masterpiece you dropped. Steem it needs more people like you to guide us to success.

Very informative @exyle ! This is the first time I've checked Cryptocurrency Market ! Thank you for sharing. Resteemed.

Hahahaha! @exyle,

you are going to sit on your steem power for years to come.

I wish i had that much now that steem is looking good.😁

Watching the rise of both of Steem & SBD has never been bad ;)
I ma indeed loving though i have a small amount of both but hey i am on Steemit ;)
So i am not powering down at least for a year ;)

You have enlighting people on steem

Good one
I want to be like you when I grow up

I am wondering how far up SBD will rise but I think Steem will be next

SBD is really going crazy high i hope it keeps it up


haha yeah me too it will probably drop a bit I imagine so praying for a few payouts to come in first :)

Good stuff. I learn a lot with your posts.

Sbd is really fascinating i love the increase

I am new in steemit. What i noticed today, steem dollar went from 5$ to 18 $ make me feel like its the starting of a new age for steem.

I am really loving your stuff --so well presented! I am new around but things are looking up for me aren't they? :D Hope to meet a lot of people --and their success stories-- around here.

Sitting on it is a great idea, love your vlogs man !!