In Less Than 24 Hours We Have Sold 701 ACOM DVT Out Of 1000 Listed - Incredible!

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Yesterday evening ACOM launched the ACOM DVT token on Steemit - the new dividend token which will generate you daily TRX dividends as well as generating other rewards. We have now sold an incredible 701 ACOM DVT from the first batch of 1000 tokens listed on Steem-Engine. We have been overwhelmed by the response, it is truly phenomenal. We thought the token would prove popular but not this popular!

A huge thank you to everyone who has placed their confidence in our new ACOM token, as you are probably aware it is a token that will not let you down! At the current time of writing we have 299 ACOM DVT left to buy on the market. If you wish to grab yourself some you can access the ACOM DVT marketplace right here

ACOM DVT is an exclusive token to the Steem-Engine platform and that is where our official marketplace can be found. Once all of the remaining first batch ACOM DVT has been sold we will then look to place our second batch of 1000 which will be priced at 2 Steem a piece. However, we will not immediately list the next batch and there will be a short period before we do list them.

If you want to learn more about the ACOM DVT token we suggest you check out our launch post here which contains a ton of information about the token, so be sure to read it in full.

If you have any questions then feel free to either ask them here in a comment below or use our usual contact channels.

Thank you once again to people who are demonstrating their confidence in our new token, you will not be disappointed.

The ACOM Team



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Very cool and congratulations! This is off to a good start!

This is going to be a very successful project congratulations...In one day!🤗

hello dear friend @acom good afternoon
I have continued their work for a while and I have been seeing the responsibility and dedication with which they do things, the last increases that @acom had in an unstable and bearish market, I believe a lot of confidence in investors, and that is not in the last four days in the great support they had from investors. Happy to have been one of the first to acquire ¨ACOM DVT¨
If it is within my reach, I will join you in the second batch
Thank you very much for the work you are doing
I take this opportunity to wish you a happy start to the week


amigo me alegro de corazón de la gran aceptación del acom en tan pocos días, que bueno que los inversionistas han depositado su fe en ustedes,muy buena la confiabilidad tienen en ustedes , que sigan los éxitos y muchos éxitos, saludos y feliz fin de semana

Muy bueno noticia acom sera un token muy sólido y que los inversionistas estan confiando en él.

Los felicito y esperemos siga su crecimiento 😊

Greetings to the team @acom I congratulate you for the hard work you have done and for getting the desired results. Have a happy day.

Congratulations.this is going to be the best token on

Definitely a very good answer represented by 70% too good to start, congratulations to the @acom team that the successes continue to rain