ACOM Launches New Steemit Dividend Token - ACOM DVT

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ACOM DVT = ACOM Dividend Token

ACOM has just created a new Steemit token. We're delighted to announce the launch of ACOM DVT. This is a dividend token and 1000 ACOM DVT has just been released on the Steem-Engine marketplace. Buying ACOM DVT and holding it will generate you a daily TRX dividend from the total daily TRX produced by the ACOM Steemit account, in addition to generating you many other rewards. You can access the ACOM DVT Marketplace right here

ACOM DVT Distribution Plan

An initial batch of 1000 ACOM DVT listed on Steem-Engine at 1 Steem a piece is now available to buy. The next batch of 1000 ACOM DVT will be listed at 2 Steem a piece, listed only after the first batch have all been sold. There will never be any more than 10,000 ACOM DVT issued.

ACOM DVT Benefits

Holding 1 ACOM DVT gives you a percentage of the TRX generated each day by the ACOM Steemit account by way of a dividend payment into your Steem wallet. Dividend payments will be made each week and will continue for as long as you hold the token. The more ACOM DVT you have the more TRX you generate. The amount of TRX generated is divided by all ACOM DVT holders and linked to how much ACOM DVT you hold, so the dividend distribution is proportional.

Potential Earnings

Current average daily TRX production from the ACOM Steemit account amounts to around 30-35 TRX, so that's 210-245 TRX each week paid out to all ACOM DVT holders.

Dividend payments begin one week from listing the initial 1000 ACOM DVT on the market.

Obviously the more holders the less TRX in the pool to go around. However, that issue is resolved by a strict limitation on the number of ACOM DVT in circulation from the start, with only 10,000 ever in total circulation.

It is also very important to note that 50% of all ACOM DVT sales goes directly back into the ACOM Steemit account, thus when people buy ACOM DVT they help to power up the ACOM Steemit account and help increase their dividend payments. Essentially the more ACOM DVT sold the more Steem goes into the ACOM Steemit account thus inceasing the value of upvotes and generating more TRX for token holders, albeit shared between more people.

In addition we have also accrued around 2000 TRX since the ACOM Steemit account went operational. We have decided therefore to add the 2000 TRX to our quarterly Reward Events, so at our first Reward Event for ACOM DVT holders we will also give out an additional 500 TRX, with the remaining TRX spread out over susbsequent Reward Events. These Reward Events are explained in further detail below.

ACOM Upvote Credits - Introducing ACUV

In a bid to build in more value to the ACOM DVT token we have created the ACUV token. This will serve as a reward token to all ACOM DVT holders.

ACUV is simply an ACOM upvote credit and for every 20 ACOM DVT that's bought from ACOM 1 ACUV will be earned. It is a one off upvote from the ACOM Steemit account designed to incentivise and welcome people to the ACOM club. Upvotes are always 100% and VP will never be less than 80%. More of these ACUV tokens will be given out at our Reward Events and shared among ACOM DVT holders.

There will never be a market for ACUV. I know that many in the Steem community frown upon vote buying, as do we to an extent, so we will not be selling the ACUV token. It can only ever be earned or gifted. Obviously if people wish to sell their ACUV in an OTC capacity that's up to them, we have no control over that.

Subsequent Distribution

We might buy back our own token from the market and sell again later. There's no need for burn events with only 10,000 ACOM DVT in circulation.

We will release more ACOM DVT later at 3 Steem per token, only after the first two batches are listed and sold but there will never be any more than 10,000 ACOM DVT in circulation.

Reward Events

Further benefits of holding the ACOM DVT token will include having privileged and exclusive access to one off Reward Events every quarter, where we take small chunks from the ACOM Community Vault and distribute it proportionately to ACOM DVT holders. All funds will be paid in Steem directly to their Steem wallets.

What If Justin Sun Decides To Stop All TRX Earnings on Steemit or @aggroed Decides to Shutdown Steem-Engine?

Should either event occur Steem can be refunded to token holders. No one will ever be put in a position of loss for their investment in the ACOM DVT token.

If you guys have any questions or comments feel free to contact us via the usual channels.

The ACOM Team



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I bought 21 yesterday .... will buy some more.

That refund part where if this or that is huge. Excellent incentive - it's like a risk free trial!

Excellent way to earn passive income!!😀

I think there might be some real potential here. Thanks for sharing the news!

Love it! I'm in.

Excellent news @acom and congratulations on the launch of your ACOM DVT token in Steem Engine. I already joined your Discord to be aware of the new news of your token.

Hello dear friends @acom good evening
Excellent news, there will undoubtedly be many investors. Happy to be the first to join you with an initial purchase, I look forward to purchasing some tokkens this round.
Thank you very much for the great work you are doing and allowing us to grow together with you.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night

Hey @jlufer, did you just buy 15 ACOM DVT?

if I hope to buy some more these days, before the second batch

We're only asking because if you buy 20 or more you get given an ACOV token which gives you an upvote credit. This means you get a 100% upvote from the ACOM Steemit account. We explain this in the post, there are many benefits to holding the ACOM DVT token.

If only I thought that I could complete it tomorrow

Now I have eaten a few more

I finally finished buying 47

Once again, thank you very much for what you do for us, and the opportunity to grow with you.

Thank you for investing, it's a win-win as you will soon see.

Very good news friend, the Acom token will be of benefit to all who invest, it seems to me an excellent way to make the investor feel safe when changing steem engine. Greetings friend greetings and success for this new token

Greetings @acom friends

Excellent news, I am interested in obtaining this privileged token, it will surely bring many benefits to users who join this great opportunity.

Best of success.


Wow! You're that excited you wrote it twice! Lol!

Hahaha I have mouse problems, but yes, I love the idea, I talked to @goldstreet on Discord to let him know some details.

Yes he has responded to your message.

Awesome .... this is a great idea .... I will buy some ... need to wait till I get some liquid Steem though.

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