Forget Facebook, Reddit, Quora? Earn in DOLLARS Now. What is Steemit? Steemit Tutorial | Basic Information

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Steemit Tutorial? Earn Online in Dollars by Steemit Sign Up | Steemit Login

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Is Steemit a Blogging platform?
Or it is a Social Networking Site?

And third thought which comes in when we listen to the word "Steemit" is: It is a Cryptocurrency based on Blockchain Technology.

But do You know my friends all the three statements are correct about Steemit?

Yes, Steemit is a Blogging and Social Networking Website both.

Steemit Definition:

Yes, Steemit is a Blogging and Social Networking Website.

Steemit is a Blockchain based platform which reward/pay their users when they post/publish any type(images, articles, commentary,etc.) of content on their platform.

How Steemit Works?

Let me take an example:

Suppose you are on Facebook, and You and your friends upload the Display Picture(DP) on Facebook Profile. Our friends, relatives and other peoples like our picture.

Sometimes we comment, share any type of content of our friends on WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, etc. Most of the times we do so genuine and original comment also. But our friends do not appreciate us for that, bad luck. Lol.

Similarly, we never get any reward from any of these Social Media Websites.

These websites and our friends are not giving anything.

But here comes the Steemit who cares a lot for all of us, our friends, relatives, etc.

Steemit pays to their users when they post something original and of good quality.

For what Steemit Pays?

  1. When someone comments on your post
  2. When someone Upvote(Likes) your post/content.
  3. When you(Steemit users) uploads articles, images, commentary, etc. on their profile.

Concept Behind Steemit

Steemit is supported by Blockchain Technology and uses a new cryptocurrency called STEEM to reward their users. It is a community of peoples who are helping each other by giving best solution related to any topic.

You already know websites, forums like Reddit, Quora, medium, Tumblr who are doing the same thing but they are not paying to their users when they upload any helpful content.

But Steemit is very different in this case. They pay their users when someone uploads the original and genuine content or people finds it helpful to them.

STEEMIT Background

Steemit was launched back in 2016 and founders of this growing platform are Ned Scott and Dan Larimer, creator of Bitshares and EOS.

Steemit is based on New York and is a privately held company.

Website of Steemit is :

How To Sign Up on Steemit?

Steemit Sign up process is a little bit different. You can easily sign up on Steemit in two different ways:

  1. Sign up for Free
  2. Pay to Sign Up

In the first method, you do not have to pay anything for signing up on Steemit.
But for the free method, you have to wait for at least 7-14 days to verify your account or to make a new account.
In this method, you have to submit and then need to verify the email address and mobile number both.

What do you think about the second method?
Is it paid? Not at all finally.

Finally means, in the starting of creating a new account they will ask you to pay 0.0008 BTC(if you select the BTC option for payment). This is done so as to avoid the registration by the Robots. As Steemit do not want any fake account and doing irrelevant things on this clean platform.

After your successful transaction of the amount, they will verify your account if you have paid or not.
Then you will be able to log in and access all the given benefits.

Question is what about the payment I have done?
Wait, no need to worry. The amount you paid for creating the account will be sent back to your wallet of Steemit in the form Steem tokens, or in other forms also which you can check on the official website.

So, it is absolutely free.

Benefits of Joining Steemit

  1. You can earn a lot of money by posting your favorite content.
  2. When you upvote (like) some post, then also you get some amount of money.
  3. You can create an original and quality fan base(more no. of followers) here.
  4. Blockchain Powerd Technology.
  5. A huge amount of traffic if you link your website, youtube channel here.

So, that's all in this article. You can comment in the comment section about any information which seems very important


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