If you can't stomach Whale-balls every day, there are other options

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And no matter who you are, or where you are, you can pull someone up the ladder behind you.


When you combine the Steem Power usage in self-voting, vote collusion, and Whale shilling, is it any wonder you've not been hit by that chunky upvote recently?

Pending payout is directly proportional to how well you can shill yourself to the whales

@liberosist - Understanding the free market (or how you should learn to stop worrying and not be butthurt)

You can check out the 'shill' taking place by visiting the wallets of many large accounts, reviewing the direct transfers to these accounts, and then visitng the upvotes on recent posts of the senders.

May I suggest that a more palatable method to success and happiness here on the Steem Blockchain can be achieved by looking down the ladder, and not up.

Ways to lend a hand - There is more than just an upvote

Mentor someone or a community

This will take time and energy, and so be careful of burnout.

How? Provide blogs and comments that answer common questions.

Provide instructions and guides

If you've found a technique that works for you, share it!

Bookmark definitive guides produced by others and share those too.

Provide encouragement and Ideas

You could do a vlog for dtube - You could write a how-to for utopian-io.

Boost others

Ever read a post and think you know someone with similar interests or could help in this area? Drop their name and credentials into a message.

Credit and use the ideas of others

Repeat the good ideas of others and cite them

Spot the hard-working underdog

See someone singing the praises of others, engaging tirelessly and positively across the community? These people you should befriend.

Help others with time-consuming tasks

Weekly reports, engaging posts that require feedback to comments - lend a hand with the comment curation, it will be appreciated.

Use your professional skills here

Marketing, IT, Art, Psychology, etc - Bring your skill set to the table, your knowledge can help others advance.



Supporting Evidence














I could go on, you know who you are - Thank you.

Opinions may differ over whether you'd rather wake up to a 10 SBD transfer to your wallet with a request to upvote a post, or the above...

... I know which I prefer.


Asher @abh12345


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I used to think it was all about the upvotes , until I realIed that mentality is not going to get me far now I’m trying to start a project to help others , though it might be slow at the start, I have faith


I think switching focus is a great idea and I wish you the best of luck!


Thank you !!

You are right sir

a more palatable method to success and happiness here on the Steem Blockchain can be achieved by looking down the ladder, and not up.

The more people we help come up the latter from down, the more success we and steemit blockchain make at large.


Thanks @samiwhyte, I'm glad you are here providing support around you.

You hit the nail on the head.

Everyone wants to look "up" to the heavy hitters to pad their accounts. While we all love a 500K+ person to come through and hit up our account, true success comes from continued effort with those who are looking up to oneself. That is where the action is.

One thing I did like about the SOG was the spirit of helping others out. It was pure, selfless, and done without fear. It was an act out of love...connecting all of us individually so we could grow this platform together.

Massive changes are rarely done by the masses. Most are followers. It is the minority that always are the ones to get in there, take a stand, roll up their sleeves, and get to work. SOG exemplified that. 40 or so people really made an impact on hundreds, if not thousands, on this site. It also instilled the idea of passing it on to all those people...hopefully many of them will use their SP for that purpose, no matter how small it is.

There are plenty of areas to give...people do not have to look too far to find that.

Thanks for another insightful post @abh12345.


Thanks for the supportive response @taskmaster4450.

I suppose that in the beginning you have little choice but to look up, but I think it's also worth looking around to see those around you and spotting the 'keen climbers' - form a community of these people ( hello #newbieresteemday ), and the journey should become easier.

Easier because your group can perform the items above, such as blowing each other's trumpet ( when it's appropriate and hello @davemccoy @beeyou #newbieresteemday ) and working on lengthy tasks like responding to competition entrants.

Thanks again and enjoy your day of 'rest'.


It is way past my bedtime to leave a proper response. You rock Asher. I do love the underlying words. Night!


I know that feeling!

Short responses are appreciated at times too, I know you have that community spirit in check!

In regards to using professional skills on steemit,I have been doing just that. I was a marketing coordinator years ago and I have used that skill and knowledge here. It's all about connection, making contacts and utilizing basic business know-how.

It has really assisted me in many ways.

Plus my love for writing, helping others and mentoring. All wrapped up, as my husband would say... it's the complete package.



I can see these skills shining out from what you do here, and it's great to have you around Dawne. Thank you!


You're welcome! Being here, on steemit, has definitely given me some unbelievable experiences!

The only thing that I have been looking up to is my voting power to be more than a penny lol. Oh and having more time to be on here. I believe that encouraging people and engaging with them in a positive way and helping them is the way to go. You are only at the top when you get the pure satisfaction of helping someone and seeing them achieve their goal. I love your post. It speaks true meaning of being human and being nice to one another. How we should be to everyone in real life. Thanks for sharing ^_^


Aww, thank you!

It sounds like you have adopted the right plan of action and I wish you good times here!


hey @foxyspirit, you are so right here! Only those who are truly selfless take great pleasure in helping others succeed. What a wonderful world it would be if only...But perhaps, with a little hard work and determination, we can all,together, make that happen here.


The world is what we make it, right? So let's make it right. :D

This is what I'm doing..I try to befriend talented people whose SP is too low rather than approaching the whales.

My blogs,I think, are mediocre considering many others who spend almost 8 or 9hours researching and writing a single blog..It would be painful to see the post going unnoticed with the dollar value $0.00 even after waiting for two days! But I'm sure,steemit is going to sustain for years and in those days these talented minnows will be the bosses..Making them my friends means I can learn a lot from them which in turns certainly would help me a lot in future.


Thanks @athyasankar

You make some good points that make me think to suggest that it is on other blogs initially that you should spend your time, earning the followers which will hopefully come to your content.

Good luck!

I used to be a very angry little man on Steemit that certain whales and dolphins would "support" certain individuals even if they produced shitty posts. One post was literally a cartoon gif of poop that got 2 Whales to upvote it. After giving that person a piece of my mind about shining whaleballs and how I couldn't stomach that they were blatantly vote begging I left that group in an epic drop mic moment. I still hear they curse my name for being ungrateful lol.

I have learned so far that good posts, community building and caring for certain advocacy is far more effective and feels good too!!

I have organically grown my followers with posting certain niche posts and having a pay-it-forward attitude. This is why i gravitated towards the Stewards of Gondor who espoused the vision of @fulltimegeek to spread the vote and engage the community. It would have been so easy for him to just used his SP to upvote himself, delegate to a bot service or sell his votes and earn himself massive money. Instead he choose a great project like SOG which impacted thousands of people and inspired more to do their own part even if they don't have a lot of SP.

I am using my skills as a HR practitioner to help people find the right roles and niches for them. Mentor and encourage them. Inspire them to be the best version of themselves.

Sometimes it is draining I admit that but I have learned lately to recharge and leave Steemit for a bit and relax so when I go back I am full of energy and raring to go.

Excellent post here and the insights wonderful.


Lol Mic drop - good decision it seems!

I have learned so far that good posts, community building and caring for certain advocacy is far more effective and feels good too!!

Glad to hear this!

Completely agree with your comments regarding FTG and the SoG project, what a legend.

Mentoring is tiring for sure, I think we've touched on that in comments to each other recently - hopefully the rewards of a solid community and progress up the ladder will make it all worthwhile.

Thanks man, Steem on!

Awesome, you summed it very well @abh12345 with all those individual points which can bring value to each one of us and also support the community as a whole.

Thanks for the encouragement as always.

And last, happy to see some of the comments of our friends featured at the end of your blog, those are awesome individuals and have inspired in their own way.


Hi and thank you @coolguy123

Yes, I could have included so many more, and plenty from yourself, of which I am very grateful for.

Have yourself a lovely weekend, the Curation League will be released tomorrow :)


Thank you @abh12345.

Yes, I am just waiting to see my performance this week including the last 3 days without the delegated SP. :)

You too have a great weekend :)

Community is such a huge part here. I wish I had found a place I enjoyed sooner than I did. I went a very long time without one after not liking the some of the places I tried out. I just prefer smaller places where I can do something that has impact.

Steemit is a strange and wonderful place at the same time. Sometimes people just need someone to be a little bit of light in their life and suddenly things become far more enjoyable. I’ve been spending little more time these days talking with people on discord. Red fish accounts are really fun to engage with on a personal level. They are so new and really just need someone to be the one to stick their hand out and offer some help. I’ve noticed after some long conversions suddenly their activity on Steemit and there wiliness to be active in community goes to an all-time high.

It is always interesting where the conversions tend to go. “If only a whale come by and upvote me just once that give me the start I needed.” Ah if only someone just spend hours typing to you so you could go out and perform better in the long run! I received a fair bit of help when I was new I’d take that over just getting a onetime vote from a massive account.

Recently I had been giving followfriday a go. I realized I could break it up and use it to for full a few things. First I could highlight a redfish/minnow that has been struggling but doing great work. Second I could focus on a minnow that I have been engaging with for quite a number of months now. Finally, I can share with people that follow me an account that been usually around for a while but not always massive that I just find has been doing outstanding.

Some of the more funner and interesting people i've meet on steemit where not from me finding their blog. It was from someone recommending them to me or people just kept talking about that person to the point i just had to see what i was missing out on.


This good reply got my attention. So I decide to follow you. Please get ready as I always ask lots of questions. But I would already be very happy if you just answer 1 in the coming weeks.


I might not always know the answer but I do tend to try my best. Researching and answering questions is best way to learn here.


What an excellent response containing some gems of information!

Recently I had been giving followfriday a go. I realized I could break it up and use it to for full a few things. First I could highlight a redfish/minnow that has been struggling but doing great work. Second I could focus on a minnow that I have been engaging with for quite a number of months now. Finally, I can share with people that follow me an account that been usually around for a while but not always massive that I just find has been doing outstanding.

Brilliant! This is how to Steemit!

So glad you are finding traction with activities like this. Thank you for providing insight and proof of what works!

Thank you for doing your best to grow and encourage the Steemit community! I was fortunate to enter a contest were I received a nice upvote a couple weeks ago, it was very thrilling! I really need to find a community on here soon, but im quite shy and dont want to intrude. I have had some repeat visitors on my posts of people I am beginning to know and talk to everyday, which is great! This is my first month and I am really enjoying learning as much as I can about Steemit and how complex it is. Its like a puzzle where every couple of hours I learn about a piece that I had idea existed! I know it must be a lot of stress to be a dolphin/whale on steemit... my goal is just to be a minnow for now, lol.


I have had some repeat visitors on my posts of people I am beginning to know and talk to everyday, which is great!

I'm very happy to hear this! It sounds like the puzzle pieces are starting to fall
Into place.

I understand what you mean by not wanting to intrude, but you can do it with some great comments (like this one) and hopefully be welcomed into your communities of interest.

Thank you for your comments today!

After reading your post I know for sure that I really need to learn a lot about steemit. And it would be great if more people like you are willing to teach and help.

If you look from the point of new red fishes, it's quite logical the way they act. Lots of them subscribe to steemit with the idea they will earn lots of money in short time. It doesn't take very long before they discover that it's really not that easy. And then most of them seem to quit. And a few try their luck in things like whale hunting (does this ever result in success?), using paid upvote bots and more of these kind.

Even if I would be able to write great posts (which I'm probably not able to) it would last at least a few weeks to get noticed. And then it might take up to a few years to only catch up with the orcas and dolphins.

So I agree that it would definitely help if whales, orcas and dolphins spend more time and upvotes in newbies. In the end steemit would become much bigger and even nice place to hang around.


Please check out the reply by @enjar, I hope it will help.

Nowadays, I think it's a case more than ever of the newer accounts needing to take the initiative and find out where they can give value - check the reply for examples of this.

Thanks for your comments!

I agree my friend. Well stated. Keep paying it forward brother!


Thanks @wwf!

You are one of the masters of the paying it forward 'ideal' and a credit to the platform.

Thank you for being here as a guide for many.

This is an awesome post, and all things I try to live by here in Steemland. Right now I am interested and somewhat hyper-focused on a tight-knit community of brilliant Nigerians who are trying to reset their community's skepticism about online ways to make money. (Apparently a lot of people have been burned there in recent years in BitConnect type Ponzi Schemes, and many won't touch another "online way to make money".) I am trying to figure out how to help them convince people otherwise, especially since Nigeria is set soon to surpass India in rank of the most poverty stricken country. So many people's lives could change if they embraced Steemit, as they can survive on so much less than those in the West.

I also have no interest in chasing whale balls, although I do plan to talk today a little about the challenges that face those who are trying to make a living using Steem that are trying to get there on community upvote alone. I am not sure that's possible, just because the amount of active users is so low, even if you have a lot of people following you. So that's kind of discouraging. This is most evident, I've said in the past, with @haejin. He has one of the highest follower counts of like 18k people, yet without @ranchorelaxo's vote, he barely surpasses 40 bucks. So you can imagine that for the average minnow with only a few hundred followers, even if they are engaged, it would be hard to ever make anything without a mega upvote. I am trying to get away from that with DTube, as that is what I rely on for consistent bigger upvotes. I know that will diminish with the addition of more users and bigger users like YouTubers though, so I want to have a backup plan. Just not sure what that is yet.

Obviously the most important thing to me on here is helping others. I've set up my show that way, but I would also like to be able to give people a more hefty upvote, and maybe SP allocation at some point. (I'm very interested in the idea of giving people from poorer countries a "micro-loan" of sorts.) At the same time, while in an obvious place of privilege compared to others on here, my own family has been hitting obstacle after obstacle that has set us back financially, so finding something consistent that allows me a little flexibility and a little financial help is also attractive for my personal life.

I have also been applying my personal skills to try to expand Steemit. Steemit really needs some marketing help! Like whoa! The first step is word of mouth, and that's what I am focused on right now!

Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble on! Great, thought-provoking article!


What a great response, I don't know where to start! You have certainly laid out a plan of action and I'm liking what I see!

I'm glad to hear about the support for the poorer communities, taking about this on dtube would be great for you and them I suspect.

Valid points about @haejin follower accounts, however 90% of these followers are from twitter and other 'sources' and so I think he's not the ideal test case.

For me, you actually only need 4/5 large followers for it to work financially, one of these could indeed be dtube.

And honestly, having 7500 follows can be very time consuming if wish (as I do) to try and respond to every worthwhile comment - I barely get out of my replie some days. Not that I'm complaining, the support is great!

Yes Steemit greatly needs marketing! And it's up to us, a social network should be marketed by its members I think. And I'm happy they haven't advertised - get your friends / family / real life communities here quick for that guaranteed support! 😁

Thanks Beth, awesome comments!

I believe than helping smaller users, even if we are small as well is basic for this community and this project to succeed in the long term.

As more people come to join the platform, the amount of help and advises will necessarily increase accordingly, and older/bigger users are certainly not enough to help such a massive amount of people.

In my case, I belong to a new community called @promo-mentors which was founded by @futurethinker , and in there we offer several of the things you mentioned, like for example:

  • Mentor someone or a community
  • Provide instructions and guides

We have mentors that actively help users in making better posts. Mentorships are for several subjects, like science, poetry. We even have spanish speaking mentors to help that community.

  • Boost others
  • Spot the hard-working underdog

We also do this with what we call "Encouragement boost". Which is where our mentors put the best post of users who receive little reward, so we can give them our community vote.

So I believe what you say here is spot on, and should be applied by more and more people. That's the only way to have sustainable growth, and if everything goes well, this year should be one with explosive popularity for steem.

Cheers mate.


I belong to this community and I can testify to the good jobs you guys have been doing there. I hope to rectify my power issues and become more active there.


This initiative is just what's required and should be the approach adopted collectively and individually.

You are right in saying there are too many people here for the bigger idea to reach, which leaves it to everyone to do their bit to support each other and the growth of the network.


This is a really wonderful post, its a good thing to remember those behind, those having it hard to climb up the ladder. Its good to try anf ease their pain, give guidance or help when one can. Thanks alot for who you are and what you do


Thank you for your reply, that is very kind of you to say so!

Success like you rightly said is in helping others up the ladder. For crying out loud, how do people enjoy stacking up wealth for themselves and making themselves richer while seeing others under them hot having much and they feel comfortable. It's good people like you that take the pain to look out for the smaller fishes and I must say a big thank you to you for your kindness of heart.


For crying out loud! That's something I've not heard in a while 😊

I totally agree, and thank you for the kind words in your comments @sistem!

I love to vote, comment, and help people. You @abh12345 and @davemccoy and his bud @mudcat36, have made that a whole lot easier on me. I no longer need to futz with the steemworld.org vote slider, just push the upvote arrow, and slide. I still use steemworld.org vote slider to let me know pre vote a couple times a day of how much my vote is at what percentage. I might comment a little bit more than I vote, but if I vote I almost always (95 %+) comment.

If I comment on a post, and it is in a positive or educational vain then i always upvote, if my comment is somewhat negative then I rarely upvote the post, I do on occasion, but not often.

I removed the @ from your name on my newbie votes, so I would not keep flooding your gina bot and setting off alarms, but I am still out there voting, commenting, and having a lot of fun, even if it is only a two cent vote and at the end of the day less than one dollar total, but they are votes that new users like, they are in the vote level I still like, heck a vote is a vote, a vote with a comment is silver, a vote with a comment that helps me is gold.

SO thank you Asher for the delegation and making not only my steemit time more fun for me, but also for making it possible that I might cheer up a new user who feels bad about no votes and no comments.


This sounds like a solid plan to follow.

Thank you for continuing the 'pay it forward' mentality, I expect to see a good score in the league today.

Thanks also for the ginabot respite!

Cheers @bashadow!

What a sincere and at the same time accurate and useful post.

About the topic

Sadly, most people have come to this platform with the wrong idea - 'easy and fast money, without working for it'. It's not a surprise that when such attitude 'crashes' into the Steemit reality they get disappointed.
On the other hand, so far my experience here proves that when you are active and engaging in a community or with certain people that you actually follow and read you will be rewarded not only with new knowledge but with recognition and of course financial benefit.

I even tried to create a Not a guide to Steemit a month ago, in attempt to help minnows like me.

There should be more posts like yours.

I am glad that I've stumbled upon your blog. Followed for more.


Well thanks for visiting and making such a fine comment!

So far my experience here proves that when you are active and engaging in a community or with certain people that you actually follow and read you will be rewarded not only with new knowledge but with recognition and of course financial benefit.

Im really glad you stated this as it is not just hearsay - engage well and the rest will follow.

I concede the road is longer for new accounts these days, but the journey hasn't changed with regards to the right steps to take.

Thanks for your input and the follow!

Its a community. I believe we grow as we help others to grow. Lending forth a helping hands to others would help both you and others to move up the ladder faster. Vote sales is taking us back to the society we try to run away from. A society where the 'haves' takes from the 'havenot' to grow. How will those down the ladder move up?


I totally agree with you - grow together and the journey should not seem so long.

Thanks for your input @lordjames.

What can i say Asher, the money and the votes have really taken away the community interest of a lot of people who should really key into the concept of the community and help a lot of people with their programs, ideas and initiative.

Nevertheless, I could say a lot of people their blog and communicative assistance and tendencies has helped me, @kaylinart for one, @sircork, @reggaemuffin I could mention a lot.

I must say this blog post is something I wish a whole lot of the community will see, See need this to thrive. I'm a poet at least I do that here and I few people I met I've helped them honned their skills I can't say much for people helping me in that aspect, it's been fruitless.

Thank you Asher for this


That's very kind of you to say so @josediccus!

You are right in that 'the money' clouds people's judgment and becomes the focus, ahead of community building, for many.

I wish to see more support coming your way.


Certainly, Asher thank you

I do not understand the stewards of gondor thing, where can i read more about it?

i ran into some obvious shill/bot/sybil/agitprop nesting and when I refused to be a part of it all I get for upvotes now are bots and trolls.

I keep getting more followers but I can count the number of replies that indicate any reading at all of my 50k+ word blog, on the fingers of one hand.



Again, it's on other content that you will find followers to come and see you work.

I suggest not burning out spending days on your content, without spotting followers you recognise from discussions elsewhere in your list.

Good luck.


so i post with one of my tags stewardsofgondor ?

I don't understand what this is meant to mean other than a loose group of people trying to make more quality content is that right? Or is there a range of acceptable topics? What I write about is pretty intense and is not fluff.

And in your opinion it's ok to post links to my work in related topics of content? I think that is ok too and I have had success finding people that way, but I have gotten disapproving comments about that also.


I think the tag is used mainly by the group - which main role was to boost newer accounts.

To me, it's the people as much as the topics and the level of engagement they show, and my 'Curation League' post later today is one of my references for finding these engaged accounts.

So true!

The people 'looking up the ladder, instead of down' remind me of those kids in high school, always clambering to get invited to the popular kid's parties. Those kids who didn't need the false back-patting were confident and more secure in themselves, and knew that they had value of their own to offer, without attaching themselves like barnacles to whales...sound familiar? :)

I taught high school for years and also owned and operated a restaurant; I still love being able to help people learn new things, and also watch people interact and work together for the benefit of the whole. This is a perfect platform for that; the selfless and genuine community spirit that I see daily here is an inspiration.

This quote by Margaret Mead, a cultural anthropologist came to mind as I was reading your post and I think at this juncture on Steemit, it's pretty apropos:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has"



Yes it sounds very familiar :) I hope I was the latter at school, and that it was the reason I didn't get so many invites! :D

What a great quote!

It's really a great opportunity to show that that is really the case here on Steemit, and thank you for being one of the people that acknowledges that and wants it to happen.



haha I'm sure it was!

And yes, the quote is my all time favourite.

Thank you so much for acknowledging and seeing my priorities here; it means a lot!

I believe the way to make it on steemit, is to post good content and develop relationships with other steemians.

As someone on steemit once said; the real currency of steemit is relationships


Nice quote, give that person an upvote (and an engaging reply!)


I definitely will.


But these meritocratic system is being threaten by vote sales and bid bot. They no longer care about content quality but who makes the bid.


Yes. Which is why I'm not supportive of voting bots.

Excellent article. While people just complain from them or not happen. In order to get something, you need to give something. This is how our universe works. Until we start doing something, we will not get anything. Good luck to you.

Отличная статья. Пока люди просто жалуются у них ни чего не получиться. Для того, чтобы что-то получить, нужно что-то отдать. Так устроена наша вселенная. Пока мы не начнем что-то делать, мы ни чего не будем получать. Удачи Вам.


'You get what you give'

This is the hope and ideal, and I wish for this to be the case.

Thank you for your support as always @cranium

You could not pick a better title:)) lolz


I found a better photo tho :P


hahaha and ewww!

Right on, I completely agree. That’s why I started the curation page @the-hearth. I’m pretty new here, but I just saw so many posts not getting the attention they deserve! @the-hearth focused on earth-based posts, high quality practical and thought pieces... we each can do our part to boost others here- no matter how long we’ve been here!!



Good luck with @the-hearth curation project, a great idea!

Sharing the ideas to grow on steemit platform is really a good thing,this encourages people to be engaging and creative with their comment.



Very good article ,,, thank you for those words that deserve all respect and appreciation ,,, really we should help each other, some consideration of the be ,,, Everyone has the skill or information ,,, very wonderful to share with each other ,,, We are friends and brothers here ، thanks my friend for sharing a great post ,,, so good luck my dear friend @abh12345 👍👍😉
All the best 😃


Thank you @samer484 for your comments and good luck to you also!

Clearly what Less Brown has said echo's strongly on Steemit.

If steemians help each other out then his or her chances of getting succesful on steemit increases 10 folds.


Yes let's hope that is true!

Very good article ,,, thank you for those words that deserve all respect and appreciation ,,, really we should help each other, some consideration of the be ,,, Everyone has the skill or information ,,, very wonderful to share with each other ,,, We are friends and brothers here ، thanks my friend for sharing a great post ,,, so good luck my dear friend @abh12345 👍👍😉
All the best 😃


You are right

Oooh, so you're that mysterious benefactor who has been giving @bashadow the SP to vote on our newbie stuff. Thank you so much!


I may have stuck a little SP in his pocket, yes :)

Got to incentivise the people to curate somehow! :D


Well if you need another curator don't hesitate to ask ;)


Would you like to join my Curation League? I try to pick the best performers in the 2nd league :)


I'm in! So the central goal is to post, write long and engaging comments, upvote, and vote for witnesses the most? As for upvoting others, I'm probably going to be at a disadvantage there because I don't have the SP to adjust percentages (unless I'm mistaken and there's a way around that). Do you compensate for that at all?


Hey, and yes - SP doesn't mean anything for either league - although it's the 2nd one that should be the focus.

Comments are key for a new Steemian - months of decent commenting on the stuff you like - preferably on the blogs of people that actually give a monkeys about what's happening below the up-vote and payout boxes!

Good luck to you, plenty of the people who are involved are super engaging - a lot in the top 200 list i did the other day, :)

Whale is delicious. I don't know about the balls, though. 😂


Never tried either to be honest!

Hahaha, I can stomach it sometimes. But when I don't I just go on over to Steem chat. Lol. And I do some of those you mentioned too.


Steem chat serving whale balls often is it? :D


No, not on Steem chat. Lol.

Thank you for this post. You have definitely hit a strong point.

Thankfully I have come across whales who are giving back and also post educative content.


and your self as well
You people are creating a movement. My love and prayers go to you all.


Thank you @chiama, you have listed a solid group of larger accounts here.

Good luck to you.

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what i believe is the ladder is behind you not me, you can pull us up and can leave us down its up to you


Which is why I gave out around 1500 upvotes and 400 comments (80000 characters approx.) last week - the majority of which to a lower 'reputation' than my own.


that's superb sir, i love to see such kind of people here on the platform thanks for your kind help.


I've been on the receiving end of @ab12345's generosity, and I can assure you that he spends as much or more time "looking down the ladder" as opposed to up. If you are selfless and focus your attention on helping others and moving this entire platform forward, I truly believe @abh12345 will see you!


i hope so, yes i am on it thank you for your kind reply.


You are most welcome :)

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that's how to make a community strong and make the way to the top with everyone's support :)

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Bro nice post and i too have written about this topic. Please check Instruction Guide For New Users to Grow on Steemit.

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Informative post....thanks for sharing and post...

Hey @abh12345 thanks for sharing such information about steemit I have requested you brother please tell me how to create my own channel on dtube and create my own tag I want it please guide me ?


Log into https://d.tube/

Record a video, take a picture

Upload to dtube

While this is happening, fill in the title, content, and tags


Wait patiently for engaging comments and dtube vote.

Good luck to you!


But how can I get more subscribers as I am new here ?


Everyone started new here. Just be creative, and unique. Pass on quality message and people will find you.


Thanks dear I got it @lordjames now start my channel insha Allah

phenomenal & surreal!

Life is a ladder it has stages,we all need a platform .

You are so kind to think of the underdogs in this platform.

May people emulate your kindness and generosity! Stay awesome :)

Very nice epic photo amazing


Dear steemer,
nice post and I followed you :) Please follow me :)


The nice comment guys are mostly the first to comment under the first minute since they did not bother to read the post. Oh yeah, they know it's nice, at least that should make some difference :)
You made very excellent points here, when I have spare and I'm bored, I usually visit whale's wallet, the memo you'd see there is sure to kick the boredom outta ya head!

The idea of helping others climb that ladder is one most often ignored as it turns out the urge to climb the ladder mostly exceeds that of helping someone, beneath, climb.

Good job as always. Peace.


Hahahahaha. This people are just everywhere. I don't know if they use an auto comment bot to post comment. How can you explain comments wit 'nice post, great photography' within three seconds of making a post when there was no photo at all in the post.


People or robots, it's not what I like to see and nowadays this type of thing receives a flag!

Nice photography ..... Thanks for sharing ...... @marzukirizki