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Steem Inc. has asked my company Bitfilm to create a promotional film for Steemit. Our goal is to have it ready for SteemFest in Amsterdam.

We want to create it in close cooperation with the Steemit community, as you know best what you like about Steemit.

Please use the comments to contribute to the film's script. You can answer one or several of the following questions or just write whatever you like.

  1. How would you explain Steemit in a few sentences to your friends?
  2. What are the main advantages of Steemit?
  3. What are your best experiences with Steemit?
  4. Which kind of content do you especially like on Steemit?
  5. What should be the final message of the film - the strapline when the logo appears?

We are looking forward to your comments!

One thing you should know: although we like animation and most of our films are animated (see our showreel below), this time we will show real people, because that's what Steemit is all about. We have already casted some real Steemians to play the main roles in our film.

If you want to play a role, please let us know - but be aware that the shooting will take place in Berlin and we cannot cover travel expenses.


One suggestion is that while we try really hard to 'sell' how awesome Steemit is, we don't paint an unrealistic picture. If the video attracts tons of people to the site, but most of them get disappointed after spending a week on the site and leave - then it defeats the purpose.

Obviously making money is a selling point, but we should not make it the selling point.

Users should not come to the site expecting to 'get rich quick'.

I think two big points to focus on are the community of talented individuals that you get to interact with, and being able to become part of something great/groundbreaking before it becomes mainstream.

I heard some good advice, a little too late for me, but handy for noobs.
Curate and comment until you've built up a decent following before you start posting oc.
I think too many people are disillusioned when they pour they heart and soul into a piece, only to have it attract a couple of upvotes.

That is a very good point.

Steemit is profit sharing social media for people who don't mind possibly getting paid to read and write meaningful posts, while not having to deal with trolls and intrusive advertising.

Best experience - Getting 21 Steem Dollars from a random Steemian who wanted to help me out.

That's a good way to say it.

Still thinking of a better way. I'll post again if I do.

This seems like a good project, good luck! Resteemed and followed.

Still getting around to my own article on explaining Steemit simply in fact (elevator spiel) but as to your #1) How would you explain Steemit in a few sentences to your friends? :

"Steemit is a free blog without the ugly intrusive ads, a social network without the drama, and a crypto-currency without the volatility." Then unpacking these statements in paragraph form would be my "article" which I'll probably use as a script for my podcast.

I've also written that "Steemit is to Facebook what Facebook was to MySpace" on my redirect url here (which is my new business card to promote my profile and other sites).

I like the Facebook / MySpace analogy. I hope this will be a fact in a few years.

Thanks.. the downside of course that less and less people know what MySpace is ... I kind of of miss it tho, haha! Edit: oops I'm logged into my other account, sorry for the confusion - @ibringawareness

How would you explain Steemit in a few sentences to your friends?

It is a community that rewards you for producing high quality content.

What are the main advantages of Steemit?

You get immediate feedback from a market on a thought or idea. It is a great place to start a new project or build your following.

What are your best experiences with Steemit?

Being able to create images, songs, and cultivate ideas outside of a vaccuum.

Which kind of content do you especially like on Steemit?

philosophy, visual art

What should be the final message of the film - the strapline when the logo appears?

"Make stuff. Get paid"
"Join a community of makers."
"Take control of your social media."

Thanks a lot!

Upvoting to help add to the film budget! Come on people, vote this thing up!

"Steemit - a place where anyone can become a success"
"Steemit - a world with no limits"
"Steemit - a social community for the people by the people"

Ok ok...I'll stop now ;-)

Nice lines. We will definitely consider them.

Steemit is a community of talented individuals sharing their work with each other, and collectively deciding what content adds value to the community. The system automatically pays users for their contributions based on how much value the community decides it has. Users can increase their influence over deciding which content has the most value by either earning or purchasing more of the site's vested currency called "Steem Power".

Do everything you are already doing on Facebook, but get paid for it! :)

Try to show the diversity of steemit community, where everyone is from

We will try that while staying within the budget.

I like the "everyday happenings" posts that each of us can identify with as in the life, art, photography, travel, food and Steemit categories. At 80 years of age I don't think you will want me in the video. HaHa!

I would love to have you in the video! But I guess you are not in Berlin?

Thanks to steemit my creative juices have started flowing again.
Strapline: "Steemit - Where creativity (your opinion/ original content) pays off!"

BTW, is Steemit Inc. are going to pay you with SteemDollars? :)

We only accept gold and silver.

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