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After a week of joining I realized that in the Steemit quality of your post does not matter. Your thoughts matter much less. People earn here on the principle of "You scratch my back I scratch yours". I have seen posts that will only qualify for the trash bin earning hundreds of $$$$$$s and real quality post are thrown into trash bins. Sad, very sad.

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Yeah and hundreds of upvotes with only 5-6 views.

True, but steemit is still in beta and lot of things would come up to weed out crap from front end.

You have to decide , whether you are hear for earning money or sharing your thoughts ????

I believe we will enjoy and have amazing time here to collaborate and learn for other members through writing.
I will be looking up to you sharing words of knowledge and wisdom. Please stay tuned for my write-ups and please follow me @yash0108

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