Hungry: justnyz comics #30

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* echoes *

Guess What....

This is my 30th comic strip.
Yes, You read it right!

I never thought I would reach this far.
I started making comics because I just wanted
to get comfortable in using my pen tablet.

I didn't expect that I would enjoy doing it so much.
And what made it more fun is meeting people with same interest.

Also to all my readers and friends who keep supporting me...

Thank you!



This is my entry for the #cartoon-off contest run by @corpsvalues. You can read the details of the contest here.


Well, I tried a coloring style that I want, but failed
and I changed some of the colors, adjusting the saturation.
Almost all of my comics are my experiments in style of inking and coloring.
I haven't found a style I want, so expect more changes to my comics.

Using with my favorite pencil textured brush and started sketching.
I turned Sambie into a baby and a random person holding and feeding him.

I tried inking it using a different brush. I want it to have a rough look.

I also tried to use a water color brush, but I failed. Yep, I'm still learning how to use It.
And as always, the finale was adding the dialogues.
Hope you enjoyed reading it and made your day a little better.
See you on my next post!

Oh, If you want to read more comics.
You can click the link below.

You reached this far! There's a hidden message lying around and
the first one who can find the message will win 1 sbi share.
Post the answer in the comment section below.

PREVIOUS COMIC: Inktoberfest: justnyz comics #29

Software Used: Jump Paint by Medibang
Graphic Tablet Used: wacom Intous draw




"Give me food or else I'm taking this pumpkin as my hostage"?
:| hmmmmmmm
Did I get it right?

I guess this NPC was feeding baby Sambie a pumpkin cigarette? xP

Sorry it's not the correct message.

The message is just around this post.
If you Inspect this post carefully, you will find it. :)

Loooool, I have noooo idea.
"I turned Sambie into a baby and a random person holding and feeding him."

  1. Soooo, Sambie is basically an adult trying to feed his inner baby? (I'm not sure if the message is something that can be seen liiiiterally/directly, or is something to be interpreted of the situation, haha

  2. Uhm, maybe we, the readers are the adult here, and we feed you, the growing Sambie, and thought you think you're giving us fart, we're really receiving it as gag (and tons of laughs! xD)

Uhm, feeling worried I'm trying a bit too hard here in the wrong direction, haha! xD

You're way too far from the correct answer. xD

I left a clue in my first reply. Look for it. :)

Snickers bar ad? Haha
"You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign.

Still not the correct answer and this post is not a snicker ad. xD

Check everything. I think it is easier to find if you view this in busy

Ohhhhhhhhhh, freaking helllllllllllll
:O :O :O
That's sooooooo cooooooool!!!


As the hidden message says.

Congratulations You Won 1 SBI share!

1 SBI share already sent.

Hahaha, just so you know, I was gonna post this as my official answer before I saw the other bunch! >P<


Ahaha, anyway, got so caught up in your secret message... .
That I forgot to make other comments haha! xD

I like the hands you drew in this comic! They're solid :D
And I just noticed how your drafts look like they're reaaaally pencil marks! :O
Makes me wonder if they feel and appear muuuuch better than the usual tools I use!

Lol, the screenshot you posted.

Compare to the other brushes I use, it's easy to control and I can set the correction/stabilizer to 0 and still get a really good brush stroke.

And I don't know if it's just my mind, but the it does really feel like I'm using a pencil. xD

Ahem (Post edited) Oh dddarrrn. I should have checked out the pencil brushes aaaaages ago!! :O

I didn't know they were sooooo much like real pencils! o.O (So life changing!)

In hindsight, my (previously unedited) comment made me look like a totally crazy person. Lol.

Snickers should consider this idea for one of their commercials haha

Yeah, I made this in the hope of getting a sponsorship deal with them xD

Let's cross our fingers for that to happen

Grats on 30 cartoons!

Thank you! :)

Hahaah, this is just me when I'm hungry XD

You turn into a baby and fart? xD