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Heyaa Everyone!

Good News! Good News!

I'm really exited that @cobmaximus made this webcomic contest available now on Whaleshare, that means we are spreading our presence there and more prizes for the winners. You can check his post here for more details. This week's Theme is GIRLFRIEND.




I wasn't sure if I add a new character to be his Girlfriend or bring back the Book character ( you can check her here), but I decided not to add anything and just go for the hand joke as your "GIRLFRIEND" * wink * * wink *.

Started with a rough sketch. I really took my time sketching to make it look good as possible. Yep, I know...I know
I should not spend much time on it. I just can't help it xD
Then I made the line art. You might wonder why I don't use a shape tool on the eyes to make it perfect circle. I like how the rawness/imperfection ( I don't know if that's the right term) that it adds on the character design.
Time for the colors! Laying the base color first and then started shading the characters and adding some highlights.
Adding some ambiance color to set the mood for the surrounding and glow effects on the candle. And the last that I add were the character dialogues.

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed reading this and made your day a little better.

See you in my next post!

PREVIOUS COMIC: Intro: justnyz comics #36

Software Used: Medibang Paint Pro
Graphic Tablet Used: wacom Intous draw




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Like the comic, that is really funny, first I did not realize that there are three all together but then you opened up the secret. Wonderfully made characters, the first picture is great you expressed that fallen in love face so cute and funny. That could be a real face when people just have it but do not realize how they look from the side. Like the sketch and the colors how your added. Great!

Thank you!

Fun post! Your comic made me smile and I love seeing the process of how you created it. Very clever

Thank you!

Oh my... my heart was braking... I thought you had found a girlfriend... but You where only playing with your sock puppets HA HA your hilarious 😂❣️

hahaha yeah he loves playing with his socks xD.
Thank you julie and @lildebbiecakes!

I really like your sense of humor @justnyz. I wish you keep on creating more comics like this. They really are funny and creative.

I'm glad my humor fits your taste xD
I always make comics which are funny to me and share it, hoping that they will laugh too.
Thank you @adamada!

Apparently he can handle two girlfriends wink wink hahaha

LOOOL you're right wink wink hahahaha

XD awww so funny XD that title and then the comic ! i love it, @justnyz !!! :D made me laugh, to be sure !!!

awww Thank you very much @veryspider!
I was really hoping that the title will not spoil the last panel. xD

Nice and interesting comic @justnyz. In first image, I thought he talk to the candle that he was stunning LOL.. then next image I saw a figure, then i told myseld, ok, he was talking to his girlfriend. Then 3rd image, how come have 3 conversations. Hahahaha.. Then you reveal your secret, you played with your hand. Forgot to mention that, I love the line art as well..

I have visited the book story comic and it so cuteeee. I love how you make use of your talent in drawing into comic.

hahaha. Yeah there are three characters, that's why I placed the hands on different positions.

aww Thank you for taking your time to check it out the book story, I really appreciate it.

My pleasure @justnyz. I enjoyed the comic as well. Oh just curious, is it any reason why you color yourself green color? Maybe you explained in your first comic, but i have miss it. Or it just the artist feel to color in green?

I colored it that way cause I think it is a common color used for a zombie so I just go with it.

You have cute zombie @justnyz..please find him a girlfriend in your next series 😂. He too lonely until played with his hand.

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