Blankets - Webcomic Wednesday


What kind of blankets person are you? Single or multiple?

I also use multiple pillows, lol.

So yeah, sorry about dropping off suddenly for two weeks. My life took a big turn, and I needed some time to myself and get things sorted. You'll hear all about it tomorrow, I've got a big post planned, hahaha.

For now, just webcomics!

I got inspired while making my many layers...but so comfy.

Here's the WIP! Also tried my hand at a GIF since the last panel had lots of layers, and I thought it'd be cool to see them all stack up!




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I only use a down comforter. I do not need more. However, the temperatures fall outside not far below -5 Celsius.

Mostly I use a summer duvet but when it gets really cold I pull over a crochet blanket

My mattress has a foam topper on it for extra cush. I typically sleep under a single light comforter, but when it starts getting cold out I layer up just like I do with clothes, usually with a pair of polar fleece blankets. The problem is that I don't sleep still, I roll around a lot so the blankets get really tossed around and it's hard to actually sleep under all of them because at least one of the polar fleeces will get moved to a point it's useless while I move XD

Interesting to see I'm not the only one who layers up though. And you have some seriously interesting blankets, makes me wonder if they're all brightly colored or more subdued/monotone because all I'm imagining is a big jumbled rainbow of blankets lol

hahahahahah you are a blanket connoisseur XD so funny !!! ... it's spring here though so my duvet is becoming too warm and i dont have any other blankie :(

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You are so good at the doodling. Well oh well. I use only 1 blanket. Sometimes it is hot I just kick it all away from me. You see, I am from Malaysia, always sunny.

Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward for your next post.

It's funny :))

I LOVE having lots of pillows....and blankets and blankets and more blankets. But my husband not so much. He enjoys having a sheet and I would rather tear it apart into pieces! So we settle for a feather filled blanket and pillows. More fluff with less.

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