1st Steemit Webcomics Contest: Win SBD and Have Fun!

Introducing the first contest of Steemit-Webcomics!! Make comics to earn SBD!!!

This contest is targeted for artist and non artist, as long as you can make a cartoon (even stick men are valid). The idea for the contest is to get some funny entries, have fun, support the community and earn some SBD while at it.


  • Make a post of a comic strip you made
  • The comic strip has to follow this contest theme
  • The comic has to be original and made by you
  • Digital and conventional art is valid
  • Use #steemit-webcomics as your first tag
  • Comment this post with link to your entry so people can see them
  • The contest is open until Thursday, Jan 25th 11:59 PM UTC.
  • Upvote and Resteem this post

That's it, simple right?


For this first I will be judging the entries based on 2 factors: Art and Fun factor. Where the Fun factor is the most important of the two. If a I consider a two posts being equally funny, I will choose the one that has better art.

Again, the goal of this contest is to promote both artists and non artists to make a comic strip and give us some laughter to our day.

For next week's contest I'll bring another judge as a guest.

The rewards are simple as well. 3 winners will share SBD raised by this post in the following manner:

1st Place: 15 % SBD raised after payout

2nd Place: 12.5 % SBD raised after payout

3rd Place: 7.5 % SBD raised after payout

This means if the post reaches $100, then first place will get 15 SBD, second 12.5 SBD and third 7.5 SBD

That's it everybody. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments regarding this contest. I really hope this one can take off and become something trendy :D!

Remember, I'm running a Discord server and also a Facebook group with @jonathan-greer, in case you want to join and we can talk about webcomics and even collaborate to make ones.

If you also like to make webcomics or comic strips, you can use the tag #steemit-webcomics

Until next time!



This is my comic :D I hope that you guys find it funny : https://steemit.com/steemit-webcomics/@kratosaba/my-first-comic

Congratulations @kratosaba! You won second place in this contest! I will give you the prize in a couple of hours. Thanks for joining the contest and hope to see you again for the next contests

Love the comic haha! Thanks for entering the contest, I hope you had fun with this contest and keep participating in the future

Donnie the Dolphin is back to his regular mischief! Here's my entry in your contest.

Congratulations @minnowforlife! You won third place in this contest! I will be givengive you the prize in a couple of hours. Thanks for joining the contest and hope to see you again for the next contests

Thanks for doing this!

Oh Donnie please stop playing with my internet connection haha! great comic @minnowforlife, your in the contest :D

Congratulations @renascence! You won first place in this contest! I will give you the prize in a couple of hours. Thanks for joining the contest and hope to see you again for the next contests

Thanks for your entry @rensascence you're in!! Good luck on the contest

You wrote "must follow this theme", what theme is that? Web-comics? So we have to make a web-comic about web-comics?

Anyway, I post this as my entry, if you disqualify it I guess so be it :)

Your entry is valid :D and it's really cool! good luck on the contest!!

oh so true, I thought I added the theme for this first contest was "no theme" but I guess I got so excited at making this post I forgot to specify haha... so basically you can enter with any comic

Hey @stahlberg thanks for joining this contest, I hope you had fun at it! I would like to invite you to be a guest judge for next week's contest if you're interested. There's a guaranteed prize of 2.5% of the payout just for being a judge :D! let me know if you're interested and we can work on the details in the discord server or steemit chat

yah sure I'm up for it :)

Omg! What a fun idea... if I were not traveling right now, I would totally participate!

You should participate!! Make a drawing in a piece of napkin or something and then just take a picture :D it doesn't have to be super nice, I'll focus more on the joke side

Hola, ¿el tema es libre?

Si, este primero el tema es libre. Seguro los siguientes estaba pensando hacerlos siguiendo un tema. Pero para este el tema si es libre

Nice sketches and great initiatives for those who want exposure. Keep steemin' @cobmaximus

Thanks @deborism :) yeah I hope this will give a little more exposure for those who like to do comics :D. I also hope you can participate in the contest

It is :D I hope you can join the contest :)

Interesting contest @cobmaximus. I wish I can join but I have no talent to draw comic.

You should then @asyrafahamed, as I said you don't need to have too much talent at drawing, as long as you can capture a funny moment or joke, that's good for the contest. The idea is to have fun

Thanks @veryspider I hope you can join the contest as well

There's something strikingly familiar about your art style, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Do you do a strip (off steemit) somewhere?

I'm not sure if I get what you're asking for... Do you mean if I post comic strips in steemit? If so, yes :) I have a few strips in my blog

I was just wondering if you have strips outside of steemit, too.

Sleepy brain isn't as clear as awake brain...

Haha, no just in steemit since this is where I started making them

good contest😎😎

Thanks @kona :) you should participate

I think the funniest thing about my art would be how bad it is...

haha well anything comes into play, you don't need to be very good at drawing, as long as it's a very funny joke, that's what matters the most

Interesting contests..good luck friends.

Thanks for posting this. Love the lines in your drawings.

Thanks @organduo, hope that you can participate on the contest