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After an exciting finish to the inaugural year of the Steemit IronChef contest, hosted by @progressivechef, we're right back in for the second year, with the OLIVE as the star ingredient.

I love olives. Pun intended, or whatever you want. They come in so many varieties and flavors, with different brines and oils bringing out their complex flavors. I would have to say that I love some oil-cured olives, and olives stuffed with spicy peppers always hit the spot, but on the chance I can find some of the lighter green, milder Castelvetrano olives, I will gladly eat dozens.

Well I am already very late in the cycle for submitting this entry, so I'll simply post my handwritten recipes and photos and get on my merry way!

whole plate olive.jpg

For this week's contest, I made

  • Olive biscotti
  • Olive, dill, and goat cheese spread, and
  • Olive, smoked onion, and pomegranate relish over beer-battered sardines and beer-battered olives.

Here's how it turned out (delicious), and also my proof photo!




Olive, smoked onion, and pomegranate relish over beer-battered sardines

olive spreads.png

beer batt sard.png


Beer-battered olives on olive, dill, and goat cheese spread


Savory olive and parmesan biscotti with olive, dill, and goat cheese spread

olive biscotti.png



Of course, my proof photo!

If you're interested in being a part of the Steemit IronChef Competition, don't forget to check out the details at @steemit-ironchef. A huge thanks to @progressivechef for coming up with this awesome way to showcase our food creations and build community with each other here on Steemit. Looking forward to continuing this competition!!

All content and images by @jaymorebeet, taken with a Canon 7D Mark II on 1/17/2018.


Perfect appetizer!

By the way, your handwritten recipes are waaay more fun to read :D

haha good! I'm glad because it saves me loads of time over retyping them!

Also, i got a fun new notebook that i can write in and scan to my computer and then wipe off with water to start fresh - so i'm saving paper too! :) Thanks girlllll

Neat, that sounds like an awesome notebook as well. I hope you win the challenge AGAIN!

now if only i could manufacture time....any ideas?

Maybe they didn't announce the winner yet? I am not following the contest so I don't know how far you're behind with the entry, regardless it is an awesome idea to prepare olives, I've never done anything with them before, other than adding to salads haha

I just meant i need more time in life to be able to post each week ;)

OH! I see! Me too :D

Beautiful like always! Two thumbs up!

I loved your recipe @jaymorebeet
And you'll have an opportunity for the other entrance
You are very creative, this recipe was a beautiful presentation
Have a good night

Thanks @gladysstillwagon for your kindness and support - i'm so glad that you like these olive recipes!

these recipes are yummie ...will need to try especially the beer battered hehe

this was my first try doing a beer batter - SO simple!!!! try it for sure!

Absolutely love your handwritten notes @jaymorebeet and that food looks absolutely delectable!

Thanks @foodflaneur. Those notes are a true shortcut for me! Saves the time of rewriting :)


Hello my friend! Welcome to this new season of SIC! How I am happy to read your entry...well I knew it would be high level as usual and I do confirm...very high level indeed!

Those crispy sardines are so tempting!Wow!

Olive olives, too! It sure sounds southern when I say that slow. As a kid, I hated olives. It's funny how our tastes change. Thank goodness I don't yearn for that Cap'n Crunch cereal anymore, too. That olive biscotti looks great, especially with the goat cheese spread! And I would eat a lot of those battered sardines, I think. When I lived in Michigan, I'd net smelt, at night in the rivers at snowmelt time, and do something similar. They are a traditional Great Lakes food. That's good eating! Where do you get your sardines? I've never seen them fresh in a store.

Congratulations! You won! 🥂🍾

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