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RE: Updated: Your Reputation Could be a Tasty Snack with the Wrong Comment!

Don't set your damn bot, to warn me about asking a serial commentor if he means to upvote, when it's in my post's comment threads, how boud da? I don't appreciate it. I don't spam comments. I make every one relevant and helpful. I rarely share my own links in comments on anyone else's page, unless it's someone I work closely with. I'm one of the good guys.


I edited the comment. Seems you were reported for comment spamming by someone. Most likely someone that didn't bother to look at the context. The person that commented is relatively new and was confused by the comment tree. It's my fault. I've been busy today and not paying close attention.

Well, I appreciate your response, but it's nobody's business to report spam in my comment threads, except me. Can you take my posts off your list? If I'm acting up in someone else's thread,by all means, say something, but frankly, the idea of these stupid automated bot threats rubs me the wrong way. If you're going to be the self-appointed spam police, at least walk the beat.

Amen to that! To many unnecessary bots telling us how to comment? It's non of their business!

I follow the continuous comment making.

Thats sucks...hope they can fix the issue in the future