Steeminvite temporarily closed

in steeminvite •  10 months ago

Steemconnect V1 has been shut down today. Due to this, logins to Steeminvite are not possible any more at the moment.

I had been thinking about switching to V2, but decided against it. I'm not a huge fan of sharing authorities with every site one uses, while it's not obvious which authority was used to sign a transaction.

Instead, I will modify it to sign in with the posting authority directly. Users have to trust the app with their active authority later on anyway. I'm already quite busy this week so it could take a bit, but not longer than the weekend.

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looking forward to being able to do it with just posting key
thanks a lot!


Yes I did a whole post sseries on how I opened an Instant Invite Link Hotline, for anyone whose been waiting weeks to get ino steem, I make them ainn instant account but its ALL thanks to @pharesim

So yeah I announced my new Steem instant account creation hotline, and it really is starting to pickup steem lol I postd it on the steemit subreddit so I hope I can upvote @pharesim and get him ome suppp[ort so I can help do whatever I need... To help him fix this... And I notcied he said it would get fixed before the weekend is ver.,.. And I am gratefull....

Thank you so much pharesim!

Hey sorry for the prompt interruption. FYI SteemConnect v1 is still available here for 10 more days. SC2 dont require for user to add posting authority if you just need to verify his identity and use the scope=login. Let me know if i can help.


Thanks for the feedback! As mentioned above, people need to provide their active key in the process anyway, there's no need for a 3rd party to auth anyway.
Good to know for future projects though!


Thank you for up vote and visit my post, thank you very much. @fabien

Please do make a post like this when you are done with it. thanks.

Thank you for the service so far. I have created some greats and many poor accounts through the service, but I'm truly happy you have made it for us to use.

i have a question @pharesim. how much do i have to cost for a account in steeminvite??????


Just the blockchain's creation fee, that's 0.1 Steem and a delegation of 14.5 SP at the moment.


And for how long the delegation will have to be made?

I want to know about it. Is it possible to share any post about it??

Thank you.

Good a thing that i am getting a firsthand information from you. Your image so perfect for the post. I like it. Thanks.

I hope it’s nothing bad going on, thanks for informing us all.

Thanks a lot for the update on steeminvite. As you mentioned that it is temporarily closed so we all should understand. Always appreciate your to the point and straight forward update dear @pharesim. Keep it up your great work and Stay Blessed!

Come back with revolution. We are eagerly waiting

So simple so nice. Very attractive.

well i am also a bit confuse on it that it will save if we login with our master key because yesterday i tried to login with my posting and active key but couldnot get access and showing error of wrong key
whats your opinion on it can we trust on it @pharesim? this question is big for me to know its answer any seniour person then i will look forward to login with master key


You should not use your master password in general. It's something to lock away for the worst case. Use your keys instead.

I feel very sad hearing the news. Users are always with you. Best of luck

Soo the problem is with V1!! i was trying to login to steemfollowers and i always had the same problem,thought it was steemfollowers but it's probably V1! Thanks @pharesim, don't know what steeminvite is though, need to check it out

Edit: Checked on SteemInvite, i really didn't know about this, some of my friends have been thinking of coming to steemit and i'll probably use steeminvite instead of the normal function

Glad to finally hear something from you on this. I had been in the dark I had to make a post asking for help today. I hope you get this issues addressed soon. I know the work is an enormous one. I wish you and your team the strength. Thanks @pharesm

Well I didn't knew that there was a version 2. Such a bummer that version 1 is shut down temporarily but as I have been here on this platform since a very little time my knowledge about stuff is limited. Anyways I hope for you it doesn't take more than this weekend. Cheers

Hello @pharesim, I believe the reason for doing this should be justified somehow. Let's not panic but wait on.

A lot of applications are off today. Has their been a statement released? Were we hacked?

sad news for us, but hope maybe any solution comes. thanks sir for sharing the news.

Is there a post around Steeminvite ? For some reason, I do not know about it.

Coming to sharing the keys , I thought, every app now authorize with Steemconnect V2 and Steemconnect V2 is trusted because it was built by Steemit Inc. But looks like its not true.

Thank you for this heads up @pharesim. Appreciate all your efforts

Thank you for the information. Security is very important.

vote my news @pharesim

I hope it's will be resolved soon. Sorry about that

Nice post! Thank you as always!😃

OK one question. What work does steeminvite do? It's the first time I've heard it ...


Creating an account. Costs 0.1 steem and you delegate 15 sp.

Whats going on?

Thanks infoemation brother @pharesim
I have reblog you post :)

1st one is the best one!!
its too good!!

informative article....thanks for share @pharesim
hope so u'll be back soon......@evananisa

this is nice post.good job.

Hello, @pharesim. I'm happy to see a post from you, even though I don't know what Steeminvite is :) So much to learn, here!

I intended to learn more about steeminvite. Entered the website, and the website directed me to here😊 So be it. I’ll wait patiently.

Thanks for working on projects which benefit our entire Steemian community.

Also thanks for being my number one in supporting weight according to

Coming at a wrong time where my cousin wants to get a new account ever since he lost his phone and password to a crashed phone. Come back stronger please. He must be feeling down right now. Well done sir, you have been a huge help so far. More to come.

The extraordinary closure, using a hammer and a chisel is not necessarily open @pharesim

Thanks for the informacion @pharesim .

Thanks for support!

Hello @pharesim. Thank You for keeping us informed!

This is great sir
Thanks for this information.
Lots have complained recently

@pharesim I'd love to be part of it. I hope to get the notice in when it resumes login. 👍👍

Thank you for this update, V2 we be the alternative. @pharesim

I think this program is good. I hope the program you run will benefit the steemit community, so there is better survival.

So what kelbihan Steemconnect V1, please visit my blog

very useful information. thanks u for sharing

The question is why steemconnect V1 is not updated only @ pharesim

I have a newbie question. I want to know if v2.steemconnect and steemconnect are the same thing or different?

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Thanks for your hard work and effort on the blockchain @pharesim. I am fully supportive of just having to use a posting key.

I had a scare this week with losing a newly generated master key, while trying to login to a partner site. Fortunately, I knew my original master key and Steemit were able to recover my account.

Good luck on getting V2 out there. I am sure most Steemians are happy to wait a bit longer for it to come out.

Thanks for the information

It's an wonderful important news and a good announcement for myself and other people.and the post was really good.

Dear @pharesim what's Steeminvite?? ;-*

thank you for the post, I like your news. which you fold. .teemconnect V1 what is this site

And why not turn it into v2. ? Is there a problem with that? @pharesim


as I said in the post

I'm not a huge fan of sharing authorities with every site one uses, while it's not obvious which authority was used to sign a transaction.


Yes thanks I've seen it


So... steemconnect v2 sucks? I'm always uncomfortable when sites ask for this and that when they should just need the posting key. Guess I'd be more well-read on all of this if I had more assets at risk because I have no idea what you mean by that statement.


No, it doesn't generally suck. In most cases it's a good alternative.

Security always is a trade off.

When you give out your keys, they can be stolen. This is a problem when new apps show up, as they may not be trusted by the general userbase and thus won't be used.

Steemconnect V2 doesn't require your keys, but adds another account to your list of authorities, so it can act in your name. Every app using steemconnect has an own account for that, so you always have an overview who you share your authoritiy with.

The downside here is that with a long list of authorities, it's not immediately obvious which one performed an action. They can post or vote in your name without you being online. And there have been a few cases already where apps used this without explicit user consent.

I don't think it's necessary for me to use steemconnect for trust reasons (they don't support the create action, so you'll have to enter the private active key later anyway), and deem it the better choice to not give away any rights permanently - the keys remain on the user's device, and are only used to verify the identity/sign the transaction at account creation.


Yeah, that clone I've been playing needed the active key when supposedly it just needs to post a message for you in each game's thread, I asked about it and haven't received word back. That makes me uneasy, but I don't have any liquid funds so I didn't care.

I think I get what you're saying, if an independent use of the private key is happening in the first place with steeminvite then not having it connected through steemconnect is actually safer in case steeminvite itself actually gets compromised, right? Especially considering most users won't manually de-authorize it after it's no longer needed.

I've noticed that when I post on busy for example I can't see it was posted on busy, the [] is not comforting at all.

Thank you for your responses, and steeminvite was seemless when I used it, so thank you for making it in the first place and keeping us in the loop.


You don't need to give posting authority though. You can sign one-off actions and require interaction with steemconnect at every action, no? Seems like a great fit for steeminvite.

e.g. steembottracker and smartsteem both follow this pattern.

Unless I'm missing something.


The only transaction to sign, create_account_with_delegation, is not supported by them anyway.


Oh, well that certainly kills it :)

What can you do with steemconnect and steeminvite? :c

What is steeminvite?

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Thanks for the information.its cognitive level is appreciated... looking forward to more info from my Boss @pharesim thank u sir

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love the door

thanks for the valuable info @pharesim

I prefer it to be with the posting authority, it seems more reasonable and safer. Keep the community informed, because this is an important issue bro.

Nice sharing post sir

sad to read this but you are right! But come back soon from your work and rock on the steemit ;) best of luck (y)

Thanks for this upvoted 100% and followed you @powerupsteem

We needs is back!!! Please!!! <3

Not working yet? i have some friends waiting for invites!

thank you for sharing

but a nice picture too :-)

Oh! So sad news.............

Thank you for your attention to my post 😊

Hey @pharesim, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! :)