Ackza's Instant Steem Invite program Is a success! Upvoting this post helps me to signup more people instantly to steemit! Account Creation delays suck, but Steemit Inc is busy with Communities, HF20 & SMTs so let's help, it's in our self interest!

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Ackza's Instant Steem Invite program Is a success! By using I am able to pay 0.1 Steem and 28.5 Steempower Delegation for 1 week in order to instantly sign a new steemian up and have their account approved without any delay! Upvoting this post helps me to signup more people instantly to steem blockchain and thus steemit,.com and I will be able to then signup MORE than my current capacity of around 100 people a week. ! Account Creation delays suck, but Steemit Inc is busy with Communities, HF20 & SMTs so let's help, it's in our self interest to help create new accounts for interested new users! I made a Reddit post about it here on the r/steemit subreddit
Please give this post some reddit upvotes to give it maximum visibility! (Reddit upvotes are free :D ) Imagine the reddit SMT lol

So I will get a list of all the people I have signed up, some ca be seen in my wallet, some have already sent me back some steem, all of them will be following me, and most will probably pay be back 0.3 steem so I can recoop losses BUT I won't have to if I am allowed to keep profiting off of these posts, the SBD I get I can just convert to steem in the internal market... Steeminvite erases the people I help signup which is probably for the best, I will let these people choose to be posted about before I put the on blast on the chain :) I will make sure I keep track of how many people I signup! For my supporters, thank you, you are paying for the acceleration of steemit, you'r paying to help steem users avoid a very nasty 1-2 week wait time which REALLY gives a bad impression, honestly, its bad. We should care more about our first impression with those taking the time to try signing up! But Steemit Inc is too busy and honestly needs to fix some things in the next hardfork before they open the flood gates later this year. Hard Fork20(HF20) will have "effortless Account Creation". Thank you!

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Great initiative my friend. Keep it up the hard work. When you are free from this work, have a look at my recent post of 3d pendant designed for surfyogi. If you also want it, I can make that for you too.

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required viewing for all steemians

its @ned and @sneak and the SMT Guy talkin updates an Austin meetiup with @richardcrill and @ajaxalot man we are lucky to have these updates sounds AMAZING

communities for local meetups sounds AMAZING


UPDATE I noticed Steemconnect v1 is down thanks to an update by @pharesim

Steeminvite temporarily closed
pharesim (68) in steeminvite • yesterday
Steemconnect V1 has been shut down today. Due to this, logins to Steeminvite are not possible any more at the moment.
I had been thinking about switching to V2, but decided against it. I'm not a huge fan of sharing authorities with every site one uses, while it's not obvious which authority was used to sign a transaction.
Instead, I will modify it to sign in with the posting authority directly. Users have to trust the app with their active authority later on anyway. I'm already quite busy this week so it could take a bit, but not longer than the weekend.

Thank you so much to @phresim I didn't notice his work until something breaks, its so true

I really owe all my success to his work , without steeminvite I would not have been able to delegate my SP so easily and create new accounts for people!

Nice motive @ackza. I really like your enthusiatic way to help new members come on-board this great atmosphere.🤝

I will make sure I keep track of how many people I signup...

Hoping to hear thousands and thousands account created🖒. Good workdone!!

Upvoted with my small Steem Power. :D Hope every little bit helps as I like what you are doing.

Upvoted. Hope it will help.

thank you

Thanks for the hook up! Loving the site so far!!

Sign up delay sure sucks..
You're doing a good thing.
You've got my vote, though it doesn't count as much

very interesting and helpful ..good job

very good and important post.I like this for share.

ackza you have unlimited energy my friend! Good initiative!!!


Long Time no see man! Good to see you back on Ackza 's blog! Stick around, big things coming for our little southern california steem club! SoCal is getting its own front end, local front ends using steem communities upgrade for every cit and town! Like local subreddits but where you can get paid, it will replace local taxes and allow local cities to issue SMTs to make money to build infrastructure, it will be amazing when all the resources of humanity are efficiently micromanaged and tracked down to the last drop to best allocate resources and pool them all together most efficiently!


Very good me gusta

Hi Zachary ( @ackza ), so nice to meet you! I will be using your software invitation and when you got two minutes to spare, i see you are interested in charity and are doing a lot of incredible work and helping a lot of people for which i'm happy and honoured to meet you, please do have a look at this project, especially part 1 and 4, (part 1) and part 4 . Please share with us your honest oppinion and help if you think you can implicate somehow. Thank you! God bless you!

Good one. are born a leader.


My grandfather was Captain of a Tuna Boat for many years Carl Soares in Point Loma, San Diego, Ca I need to reach out to the descendants of his friends

Upvoted. Hope it will help. very interesting and good job

Really great. Thank you.

@bigdeej Imagine getting a pool of STEEM to create accounts instantly and have a bot running the process. A pool that started at first out of pocket but run on referral type incentives to get more money back into the pool to keep the cycle going.


Thats exactly what I'm doing!

The Steempower and SBD I'm receiving from this post is going back into my own pool, which I m using to create accounts for new users

I'm just glad your understanding the concept, or maybe oh are you explaining my post to @bigdeej ? Yeah man awesome broooo yeahhhh

yeahhhhh Incentives...


I just commented on this Post for @drutter to get his wife MediKatie on STEEMIT. Hopefully you can be of service in helping her Zach........


Thank you very much @stokjockey for putting me in touch with @ackza!
I noticed you said that this initiative is currently on hold, but if there's anything you can do to help us, we would be in your debt.
I've upvoted this post and followed you. Thank you again!