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One of many feature requests and ideas we have gotten, is to be able to mute notifications for specific accounts. We figured we might as well utilise the Steem blockchain’s built-in mute functionality for this.

For instance, there are a number of bots that just do a lot of @ name dropping hoping to snare some response through ignorent upvotes. Nothing more annoying than getting notified of being mentioned by such bots.

Therefore, we’re currently testing a new feature for Steemify that will ignore notifications regarding those accounts.

Silence Muted Accounts

This feature will leverage the blockchains mute function and then ignore anything from those accounts in relation to yours (mentioning you, making 0.0001 sbd transfers to you etc).

We’re hoping to rollout this update in the coming weeks, after some rigourous testing and pending Apple AppStore reviewing.

Screenshot of the setting in action

Overview of most of Steemify’s settings

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Oeh can't wait for that silence feature! Would make the experience even better. Using Partiko to post comments, but always open up Steemify first the experience is just better. Think I prefer green, keep up the good work guys 👍

Thank you we will

This is a great feature to include! I appreciate the notifications but an option to mute is great in many cases! Thanks for the continued updates.

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As always steemit surprising especially in the new advances of its platform, when it will leave the Beta stage .. I hope that soon ... my respects.

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Thats highly appreciated,

Great stuff - but it doesn't work for me.

That would make sense as we're currently only testing this internally and have not released an update with this feature yet ;)

Great stuff - but it doesn't work for me.

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