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I really must thank my brother-from-another-mother, @jackmiller, for helping us make this happen. It couldn’t have been possible without his post: Vote For Our Little Steemian With A Warrior Heart! and ALL of you wonderful people who supported, resteemed, and voted for my son in this contest!


Way to go, Branson! I am so proud of you!!

Thanks to the support from everyone who voted, my son was able to get 800+ Votes in this contest! His art has been seen by people all over the world and that alone is a win.

I mean, I was a graphic & fine arts major and that took me well into my 20s to achieve 😆 I’m so proud of my son for contributing and being such a good sport. Him and I voted each day for ALL the contestants because he loved seeing all of the kids numbers going up. Thankfully, one popular vote winner was selected along with a staff pick, so Congrats to my son, Branson, for the popular vote!

I explained to him that popular vote is not the important part, but rather being a part - a contributor - is the most important. All of these kids contributed and I’m sure there were many who could have but for whatever reason did not.

It’s about doing something, instead of nothing. I’m proud of all of the children for being warriors and overcoming congenital heart disease AND already giving back to a great cause. These kids really should be proud!

So what happens with the Art?

It is being shipped to Nashville, TN to be auctioned. The two winning works of art will be shipped to Project Heart ❤️ and auctioned off to raise money for the foundation!! How exciting is that?!

Branson will also make a video talking about what he would like to be in 20 years, which will be played at the Nashville event, the 4th Annual Little Hearts, BIG ART contest

Could not have done this without the gracious support of the world community

Thanks to Steemit, friends, family, and local networks - This was all possible!

Branson was even lucky enough to have Steemit CEO, @elipowell share some love ❤️


What a lucky kid! I thought I was lucky to get a drawing on my refrigerator as a kid, but this blows that away.

Special Thanks to All (below) for Resteeming @jackmiller’s post to help - it really made all the difference!

Extra special love to @brisby, @elipowell, @enginewitty, @guiltyparties, @iamjadeline, @mrnightmare89, @oivas, @prettynicevideo, @rakkasan84, @saffisara, @scarletreaper, @snook, @someguy123, @themarkymark for the resteem support and love! Thanks a million10

Post Rewards for this post have been declined, so if you choose to vote - that helps add value back into the rewards pool to keep great content creators alive! We just wanted to say THANK YOU again to everyone who helped these Junior Artists share their art with the world.

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Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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Awesome! Well deserved win! 😊

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Thanks10 @oivas 💪

😊 😊

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That is fantastic news, and I am so happy for him! I am glad to have been able to vote and play a small part in this. You have a wonderful family and I hope your adorable son does well in the future!

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We really appreciate the support! It made a BIG difference and we really appreciate that. He is very excited to make his video submission and it’s all for a great cause so I’m extraordinarily proud of him!

That is really amazing 🤗😉👍 Im so happy for him.. Such a Great achivement and well deserved 😊
So exciting to have it shippped to TN Im sure it Will do Wonder.
Thank you for doing what you do and for sharing this... Much love and good luck in The future 🌹❤️🌷

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Thanks @saffisara!! I’m actually going to try to buy it back 😆 so proud of him and I’d really love to have the artwork. Goes to a great cause so I might have to dig for some serious change in my couch cushions 😆
If I don’t win it at auction I just hope the recipient cherishes it as I would! Proud of my boy! Thanks again for helping him realize this wonderful opportunity.

I absolutly understand that my friend.. I would do the same 😊 to precious to loose.

I hope you get it back and that forever Will be a reminder of The day he showed everyone that NOTHING is impossible 😉👍 inspiering!

Im happy I got to be a part 🤗 Thank you for letting me 🌹
Wish you the best of luck and give him a BIG HUG 🤗🌹🤗 Stay Awsome!

I'm so happy to be one of the supporter and one of the people mentioned. I'm hoping the kid will always be happy, always showing his pretty smile.

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We really appreciate it, @mrnightmare89! Wishing great health, success & happiness to you and yours, my friend. Thanks again!!

OMG!!!! IM SO HAPPY HE WON!!!!! SEE the power of community. <3 right on

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The community rallied on that, 831 votes! 😳 we are honored and proud of our little meatball

Kick-Ass! Grats little guy!

It’ll cost me an arm, leg, and a nut to ship this giant artwork to TN 😆
I’m hoping to win it back at auction over the phone! 🤫
Proud of my boy

That is so fantastic! YAY!!!

Thanks for the support, @katrina-ariel 💪