Vote For Our Little Steemian With A Warrior Heart!

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Here is our little Branson who had open heart surgery when he was six days old!

Yes you read that right, 6 days old!

Then again at the age off six months.

and his third heart surgery was at the age of 2.5 years.

The hospital that he goes to get checked up at once a year is holding a contest:

Basically, the most voted for picture done by one of the little warriors shall be auctioned off and all proceeds shall go to the charity they have up and running!

Where can you vote for our little warrior:

Right there at that link.

PS. I asked his dad @grow-pro who is literally stuck with the worst internet connection on this earth, so this post has been OK'd by Branson Snr.

Please, if you can, take a moment and vote for our little champ!

& man, all of these kids in the contest are true little warriors!

God bless 'em.

Thanks for your time!


Yours sincerely



That’s my son! And @jackmiller is my dear friend, many obvious reasons available...he is a good man. THANK YOU for helping a great cause, Jack. I’m proud of my son and all that he’s went through.

please vote for ALL the kids, I’d love to show them all what we are about! There aren’t many entries but they truly all deserve recognition for being little warriors

It’s the goodness of good people that keep this world worth living on. Some don’t understand how difficult “living” can truly be when you are faced with health issues, especially those who’ve never seen a children’s hospital.

To see the struggle or to live it - well it becomes very real. I’m fortunate enough to have my son with me and thriving and watch my children prosper. I can’t imagine not having that and I have to thank modern medicine and dedicated humans for having the opportunity to say this. Without people who care, there’s a great chance I would’ve never met my son.
I now have two healthy and thriving children and can only thank the GIANT HEARTS OF MY COMMUNITY - YOU ALL HAVE DONE MORE THAN I CAN THANK YOU FOR. 🙏 I’m forever grateful for great people like you, @jackmiller. Many blessings to you, your wonderful wife @sylviamiller, and your beautiful family @themillers.

With Much Love,
The Holsey Family

Voted! What an incredible story and a super, courageous boy!


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Just saw this and I just voted for that sweet little champ 🤗♥️ and I resteemed hoping to reach more People. Good thing you do here my friend!

Voted! Glad @dreemsteem brought this to light on #PYPT.

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Real fighter there @grow-pro, hope everything starts looking up for you!

sends some serious luck your way

Thanks again @berniesanders - you're my hero!

thank you for sharing at #PYPT discord, of course I'll be right there in a minute.

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What a courageous boy I went and gave my vote, good luck and I hope he wins


You can vote again in 11 hours. I found that out by hovering over the word "Voted."

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


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