Share your Opinion for the Price of HUNT Token (100 HUNT token bounty)

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As we’ve mentioned in our New Year’s Letter, funding/listing HUNT token via exchange markets is one of our top five missions in 2019. Now we are preparing IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) and list HUNT token in the market during February to March this year.

Please take a few minutes and share your opinion about our token sales via the following survey link (don’t worry, it will take less than a minute really). We will give you 100 HUNT tokens for your participation once we finalise the survey and gather all the results.

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Send us an email us to get you listed on! We like to know more about your IEO and work out ways to get you more eyeballs on our site.

We'd like to start listing Steem-platform based Tokens as soon as they come out!

Great initiative @coingecko! :)

@project7 and @tabris will talk on this better

Nice to see all the interest building up :-)

great coingeko ♥

Ouh.. that's really interesting for join listing price about hunt token. Thanks for steemhunt you make hunter community more life.

Great move @steemhunt team. My response is submitted :))

So, does this mean $.10 is the max price you could list for?

My response submitted @steemhunt

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We are sh hunt ! Thank you for team great team tabris and project7 ! We Trust !

Response Submitted!!!


Feeling Awesome!1!

To participate in this Prediction...

Thank you @steemhunt for everything :-)

I just take the survey hope your project be successful

I am submitted for the price of HUNT Token.

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Whats up with giveaways these days on the internet? Its like there is an excess amount of money lying around, perhaps its marketing or just a way to raise awareness idk

Great step. We cant wait. My response is submitted

sh token form.JPG

sounds great! done with the survey.

I don't believe they are worth more than 0.01 to begin with seeing as steem Is the mother token. After that time will tell and it will grow over time.

respuesta enviada

Nice initiative and other smart move, which has the benefits not only for the platform, but for the steemians as well.

Submitted and thank you...

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Ok ok
Nice idea

Wow! I'm exited about this.

Have submitted my survey.

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Even that is a question mark for me as well but i will definitely want to see it growing big in future.

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I am interested in Hunt tokens price?
I think it should be plus 1 USD to start.

I did that yesterday but forgot to take screen capture XD

My response is submittedSH Survey.jpg

Respond submitted.


Interesting to read about these developments. I have taken the survey.



On this right now, steemhunt is going to be great for real

survey submitted.

Mine submitted.

My response is submitted :)Screenshot_20190111-043816.png

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