Introducing Hunt Score-based Comment Curations and New Airdrop Category for Comment Upvotes

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Today we are excited to introduce our brand new Steemhunt commenting system - Steemhunt comments that are curated/moderated by hunters.


One of the most important values of Steemhunt is that it provides the perfect place for geeks and tech enthusiasts to discuss cool new tech products. Discussing products adds immense value to the platform, so this is just as important as sharing cool hunts. This why we also upvote comments.

However, our upvotes also encourage meaningless or spam comments for some users seeking rewards. This is a serious issue because their abuse attempts reduce our platform quality and the motivations of good commenters.

Many hunters have suggested that we moderate the comments too, but that is not a scalable/community-driven solution. So, we came up with a new curation system for the comments.

Solution - Hunt Score-based Comment Curations

Similar with hunt posts curation, comments will also be curated by the community by using a hunt score-based voting system. Also, dedicated hunters can become moderators by giving a thumbs-down for some meaningless/spam comments.


1. Hunt Score-based Comment Curations

So far the comment sort was based on STU (Steem Token Units) like Steemit. STU-based sorting did not effectively curate the popular comments because it’s heavily influenced by stake-weighted voting.

From today, all the comments in each post will be sorted by the hunt scores that the comment has collected. This is the same as the hunt post curation. You can upvote each comment based on your voting weight from your user score in Steemhunt. The comments with the highest hunt scores will be at the top.

2. Thumb-down for Community-driven Moderations

Hunt score-based curations will not be able to eliminate the spam comments because they will be shown at bottom anyway, even though they got low scores. But we don’t want to bring in the “flagging” interface from Steemit because it may discourage the community mood.

So, we came up with a community-drive moderation system for comments. Users can click the “thumb-down” button on each comment whenever they see meaningless/spam comments. This system works as follows:

  1. Whenever a hunter clicks the thumbs-down button, the thumbs-down score (TDS) of the comment will be increased by the amount of the hunter’s full voting weight (TDS will not be not visible).
  2. Once the comment has 10 TDS or more from at least 2 hunters, it will be greyed, which means the comment is kind of delisted by the community.
  3. The TDS and count of greyed comments will be added as a penalty point to the users hunter level.
  4. The thumb-down button is only visible for lv.2 or above hunters.

New Airdrop Category for Upvoting Comments

We know that Steemians are not upvoting comments as much as posts. So we made a new airdrop category to promote upvoting comments in Steemhunt.

From today, there will be 10,000 HUNT tokens distributed to the comment upvoters. The user’s HUNT tokens will be calculated by the portions of the total STU rewards for daily comments.

Please check out for the daily distribution details:

  1. 10,000 tokens per day will be distributed to people who upvote comments on hunt posts located under the “Today” tab on
  2. HUNT tokens will be assigned based on the share of the person’s upvoting value of the total hunter rewards of the day generated from comments.
  3. You can only receive tokens for the comments from the posts in the “Today” section. This means that you can’t get tokens by upvoting yesterday’s posts.

@steemhunt will Upvote Top 100 Comments Everyday

Steemhunt will upvote only the top 100 comments based on its hunt score. This means that we will only upvote the top comments that are curated by the community. Here are more details for our upvotes:

  1. Only the top 100 comments based on hunt scores of the day will be upvoted.
  2. The voting weight by @steemhunt will be varied based on the commenter’s hunter level.
  3. Max 2 comments per hunter per day will be upvoted.
  4. Greyed comments won’t be upvoted.
  5. There’s no more minimum letter cases to get the upvote.
  6. Voting comments for the community roles are the same way as before: first two comments = hunter level rewards + community role rewards / rest of them = role rewards


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Absolutely great initiative. I see so many absolutely crap comments on your platform, especially ones that simply agree that it's a great product. Why do so few people say what they really think or at least put a little thought into the product and what it's trying to achieve before commenting? So many comments just trying to garner an upvote!!
I don't bother because I read the comments and see the rubbish written there that all says 'WOW great hunt etc' and then repeats a few sentences from the original hunt and they get good upvotes for this!!
It makes a mockery of the platform so I truly hope you can address this and sort it out.
Best wishes and good luck :-)

I like your opinion. So far I've held it that I only write a comment when I think a product is good. In most cases I give a 100 % upvote because it was a good hunt. I don't look at things I don't like either.

This seems like a good solution to me. I actually tried to check out some hunt comments yesterday, and was surprised by the amount of spam on them. But hopefully this will be reduced sharply after this change.

You seem to be like me at the moment mate, trying and wandering around the DApps! I was also suprised and its put me off using Steemhunt at the moment which is a shame but I will see how this new initiative pans out.

Yep, I'm trying out most / all DApp at the moment to find out what they are really about. We have some great DApp here, and unfortunately I haven't spent a lot of time getting to know each of them until now.

Hah! I really like the greyed out example of comment here! Many times that spammer hunter will just copy my hunter's comment and paste it as a comment to my post. It is just repeating what I said. Grrrrr...

Thanks to this initiative. It will really help curb spamming. The only caveat I see is that like the hunt posts, most people would just upvote what is already on the top and will not scroll down to see what else are there that they may be missing.

Not a bad idea it will help to increase quality commentary over time.

I appreciate this Initiative of Steemhunt commenting system . This would be really helpful for those who is making good comment and giving his valuable time to reading the post.

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

How the influencer's comment ranks in these ? Because I think, @steemhunt upvotes influencer's comment to reward them. Is their comments counted separately ?

If its not, then may be you give only 70 upvotes to the community, given that 2 comments from each influencer would take away 30% of this ?

I think, you should keep the moderators and influencers comments separately.

Edit : Based on chats in discord it appears, mod's and influencer's comment are outside of this bucket. Need to see the daily statistics of the comment moderation, so that we know what's happening. Because this can also give potential to groups of people to abuse this current system easily.

it's the first time I've seen an infleuncer label in Steemit - how is this setup and is it much to a validation of an influencer across social media and digital or simply the metric within steemit?

Echo the sentiment on the edit about mod and infleuncer impact on this.

Keep Being Awesome,
One Tech Traveller

Great Development,

Wow .. I love this @steemhunt this is a great developement it will go a long way.


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Whooop! cool update.

Managing my level on steemhunt, means new here.
But as reading this announcement, I guess its for the betterment of the system...
And everything needs modification for betterment

Happy to see you guys improve things little by little. @steemhunt is already ahead of Product Hunt. Looking forward for Review Hunt. I'm already having a good time with STEEM Bounty. I assume Review Hunt would be a little similar.

Yeyyeee... No spammers comments again.

Nice way to prevent spam i am really happy to see the development taking place in all the SMT they really seems to have a bright future.

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Happy hunting, @steemhunt. AirDrop incentive is fantastic. Good idea to discourage meaningless comments and spam.

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Read and well understood
Now I see reason why I should aim for higher score level by contributing .

Awesome development there . And nice presentation at steemfest

want to see how the new airdop category and hunt curated comment scoring pans out. I've seen healthy comments more in articles I've come across which is great. Steemhunt however has incentives for authentic engagement in the nature that steemhunt is - discovering products with less incentive to comment.

The greyed out option of comments that look spammy is a great visual tool to weed out comments that aren't real. Look forward to observing and hopefully share great discussions of up and coming tech gear to explore!

Keep Being Awesome,
One Tech Traveller

Wow, great idea!! Is HUNT an SMT? There is just too much incentive on the platform to make junk comments that may get an upvote.

Check out our SMT too, here is our introductory post:

Screenshot 2018-11-11 01.34.09.png

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