Mogees Pro - Turn your environment into a musical instrument

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Mogees Pro

Turn your environment into a musical instrument





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Make Musical Ear-Works More Sticky!

That title didn't really work did it? ^

Anyways, I wanted to mention how it's a tool that you can make music out of any item. Put it on your window, door, cup, car, couch, tv, anything and use it to make your music.

Mogees gives you an entire world of new creative possibilities. Just stick the Mogees sensor to anything around you and play the world! - source


Yes, it does work this well.

How it works

Quite literally stick it to the item you want to be the instrument and plug it into your iOS device.


Record your gesture so that the sensor and app can detect what your using to make sound with.


In the Mogees app, choose the sound you want and even tweak it to your specifications.


Be that cool person in public just hitting random objects but really you're secretly making music.


This is the video that sold me on it, and wil sell ou on it as well.


The Mogees device is quite alike a contact microphone. It captures every vibration, and is the first contact microphone you can use with mobile devices. You can also use it with audio equiment on your computer!


Gesture Recognition

To iterate on this more, it's plug and play but it has a lot going on inside. It's simple to use. You plug it in, attach it to some surface, hit it a couple of times and even scratch the surface, try different gestures. The mogees will separate these different movements and timbral sounds into different sounds. Magic.


MIDI Controller

MIDI is outdated and the industry standard at the same time. You're able to sync Mogees with your tracks and DAW by using midi. So you are able to load your favorite drum samples, Vsts, other midi controlled fx with the Mogees.


Ever wanted a contact mic to just record cool sounds like that? Well you can use the Mogees as just that as well for limitless potential with sound design.


The Mogees is compatible with iOS (both iphone and ipad), Mac and Windows.


Physical and Software Specs

Diameter: 40mm
Height: 20mm
Weight: 30.6g
Cloth-braided Microphone Quality 3.5mm cable with male TRRS termination - 60cm
Female 3.5mm TRRS to Male 6.35mm adapter
Software Specifications

Smartphone application for iOS 8+
VST & Audio Unit plugin for Mac OSX 10.7, Windows
3 different sound engines
Gesture recognition technology
Audiobus & Inter-App Audio compatibility
MIDI Compatibility

Cost and In the Box

What is in the box:

Software download and registration codes for iOS & Mac and Windows
Mogees vibration sensor
3.5mm TRRS to 6.5mm TS jack adapter
Flight case
Quick start guide
3 x re-washable adhesive pads


MUON Sound Engine

For those who understand, MUON is an engine developed for Mogees. It features physical modelling and resynthesis. It replicates the vibration patterns found in the material you are using as an instrument the quality and nuances, and is able to re-synthesize this into whatever sound you want but using those same nuances. This is the future of music. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF MUSIC PRODUCTION.

I own one!

I personally own one of these and have found it as an amazingly expressive tool. I have used it previously to turn my desk into a drumset, which is a high goal to have.


$93.99 and WELL worth it.

Steemians, please let me know what you think of the Mogees Pro and how it works in the comments below!



Hunter: @playitforward

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Hi @playitforward,

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Music is really motivational. It increases our concentration as well as the efficiency. It doesn't need any external effort, just play and enjoy the music.


Great product review! @sagar-bot. True about music, but... yeah. High five.


  • A cool idea make all the thing become musical instrument
  • It is very cool and clever concept
  • Easy to set up
  • Light and small
  • Not expensive


  • Nothing for this hunt

AWESOME review


Thank you! Pretty cool device. I have to pull it out now and keep using. @vibekilla

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I guess as long as the neighbors are not watching, it's all good! Or if they do, they might call someone to pick you up to lock you away, hehe.


@randomgoodstuff Why would they do that? :D

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