[HUNT] Understanding the HUNT economy - Part I Steemhunt

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Hi, @jayplayco here.

After the launch of Reviewhunt, the Hunt token economy is a step further to the final vision with three pillars of Steemhunt, Reviewhunt, and Ideahunt. But as the platforms are expanding it seems that new users find it difficult to understand how the platform works. In this article, I would like to give a short explanation about the token economy of Hunt and how you can navigate within these platforms.

0. What is Hunt?

Hunt is a platform for geeks and influencers and early-adopters, who are interested in tech products including Apps and software. There are in total three different services that are combined in the HUNT platform, where two of them are already launched and running and one (Ideahunt) is still in development.

The two services you can already use are Steemhunt and Reviewhunt. Each platform is a playground for early-adopters to find new products and also to review products.

1. Steemhunt

a. What is Steemhunt?

Steemhunt is a ranking community where hunters (our community users) can discover cool and new products and get them ranked by other community members. It is a place for inspiration and also an informational ranking to find the newest trends for tech.

b. What I need to start at Steemhunt.

Steemhunt is based on a blockchain called Steem. To participate at Steemhunt you are required to have a Steem account. But don't worry. You can create an account very easily at Steemhunt and start your journey.

c. Things to understand

1) How to login

Login to Steemhunt means that you are logging into the Steem Blockchain. To understand it as somebody new to the Steem Blockchain, imagine you are logging in to a new service with your Google account. Steem is similar. You can use the same Steem account for different services that are using the Steem blockchain. If you try to login, you will get a new login screen from Steemconnect. Don't worry, it is the right page and you can input your ID and password (Key) into it.

2) How to vote

As soon as you have an account created, you can vote other hunters products. But be aware, as you have only a limited amount of votes per day. It is recommended to vote not more than 10 times a day. There are more details, like voting power, etc. but to make it easy, you should only vote up to 10-11 times a day.

3) How to Hunt

If you want to hunt a product, you will have to find first a product that has not been hunted already. As Steemhunt has a very active and fast community, many products are already hunted, so you will have to look out in the wild to find a new cool product. Make sure that you had a look at the posting guideline, find a good photo that explains the product and make a short description that will give other hunters an overview why you think your hunted product is cool.

After publishing your hunt, a moderator will look into your hunt and leave a message if your hunt is meeting the posting guideline from Steemhunt and will verify or either delist your hunt.

When your hunt has been verified, it is good to go for the ranking board and to get upvotes from other hunters.

4) Steem? HUNT? Upvotes?

When using Steemhunt there are three different things that are involved with upvoting products.

  • Steem: When you get upvoted, the reward will be in Steem, the native currency for the Steem Blockchain
  • Upvotes: When you upvote you will see a number raising that is different from the vote numbers. This is the internal upvote for Steemhunt, which is based on the User Score of each hunter.
  • HUNT: You can get the native Hunt token only when you use a so-called Boost Huntfunction while writing a hunt. It will exchange your Steem reward into Hunt tokens. You can also earn additional Hunt tokens when you upvote other Hunts.

5) How can I get upvoted?

First of all, your hunted product would need to be attractive and other hunters would need to think the same about it to upvote it. Steemhunt offers also a User Score based upvoting for the best 100 hunted products every day, but you will need to be active for some time and also gather some HUNT tokens to get to the minimum number of at least 1.0 User Score.

2. Closing

These are the bare minimum you should consider to start within the Steemhunt community. We are running a Discord channel where other hunters are there to help you out if you have any further questions.


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