steem whales - intraction steem built in

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steem whales

intraction steem built in



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Hunter's comment

steem blockchain it is extensive, this article I quoted from: @rolandp

I am very impress with the development project, and start Access on steemit that there are several names for the user:

  • Plankton
  • Minnow
  • Whales



Hunter: @bustami83

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Hi @bustami,

Thanks for your hunt. Sadly enough I can not approve it because ithe hunt is too poor in quality for the following reasons:

  1. Poor images used: screenshots of a website are not always helpful
  2. Where’s the screenshot of the whale?
  3. The description is not understandable and doesn’t describe the actually fountain
  4. Wrong link. The homepage with the livestreams should be linked.

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